Straight up color crack

I promised, and so I follow through: more color kit ebulient greatness from Natasha Prymak!  (Or is me that’s ebulient… ah, no matter…)  Get a load a this layout.

natasha color life lo

natasha color life lo zoom

If that’s not quite enough inspiration for you (shuh!), take a peek at this card.  I love how she uses non-traditional colors for a holiday card.  And, let me see… I think that halo is a spiral paper clip from our Lady Marmelade kit!  How clever is that?

natasha color mry-n-brt

natasha color mry-n-brt2

Now, I know Natasha has inspired you and lit a fire under your bum.   What can you do with our Banana Hammock color kit?  Show us!  Swing by our Flickr group or shoot us an e-mail.  You know we love to see your creations!  You never know… we might just choose your project to profile on ye old bloge.


4 Responses

  1. COOL

  2. Fantastic-ness!!!! So awesome. I can’t wait to get my color kits!!

  3. Ebulient – what a fantastic word that is 😀 As are these little beauties , love them both but that little gingerbread angel is just amazing!

  4. Fun fun fun, I love that card!

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