Announcing! (Duh-da-da-DUUUUUH!)

Okay, remember this post where I presented to you my injured hands?  It’s about time I let you in on what all that was about.

A reminder:

ow hand

Let me show you the products of my labor – wallpaper cut to 12 x 12″:

wallpaper 12x12

These are my absolute fav – textile-like textured swatches!

wallpaper textured

Then there are these 10×10″ lightly-textured pieces:

wallpaper 10x10

Lovely, aren’t they?  Unfortunately, the sample books from whence these came are both difficult to procure AND bound to survive the Rapture.  Nails, bolts, industrial staples… and just when you think you’ve got the suckers free, there are yet more nails, brads, and industrial staples.  Took me days (and a few minor injuries) to free these little beauties from their original home.

Although they were not designed for paper arts (naturally), they ARE acid and lignen free.  What luck!

Be aware that these are limited in quantity.  I hope to find some other books with which to injure myself, but I can’t say for sure when that will be.  So, if’n ya want some, better step on it.  I’m in especially short supply on the textured wallpaper.

But wait!  There’s more! (For only $19.95, you can get your very own SHAM-WOW!)

Nicole Maki, our DT Captain, inspired this next idea after spending some time exposing the corrugated portion of some cardboard she was working on.  She posted on her blog about how much her nails hurt and wondered how much she’d ripped them from their beds.  Well, this got me to thinking… and Nicole soon test-marketed the product for me.  Needless to say, she loves it.  (Pipe in any time here, Nicole!)

Here’s the result of my brain warp – completely ouchless cardboard with one side showing exposed corrugation and the other slick and smooth as a baby’s butt.  Or at least my husband’s butt.  (Okay, I admit – that was completely uncalled for.)

cardboard 12x12

cardboard thickness

This cardboard is not your average run-of-the-mill cardboard.  Besides the obvious “ouchless” quality, it’s also thinner and more lightweight than the cardboard you’ve probably been using for your projects.  That means it will fit into your journals, scrapbooks and cards with far less bulk.  Of course, I’m sure it has many more uses.  Hey, just yesterday I used a small slip of it to stamp a pattern on some ATCs I’m working on.  (I turned it on its edge and dipped it in paint – an idea I stole from one of our Japanese customers!)

We’ve got it in 8.5 x 11″ and 12 x 12″ – and we’ve also got some remnant packs of cardboard , remnant packs of wallpaper, and variety remnant packs with wallpaper and cardboard both.  How’s that for options?

Hey, listen up!  We’re planning to release the Fall kit TOMORROW!  Come back then, keep an eye on our ArtFire shop, and be sure to tell us what you think of our glorious new offerings.  Of course, we always love to see ideas and projects on our Flickr group!

Here’s a little hint to tide you over:

teacher pin-up


5 Responses

  1. You are seriously killing me here …. I have already spent my fun money for the month and here you go offering UBER COOL NEW STUFF…..Seriously
    😉 lol

  2. Amy, you saved me. I was just raving to my DH about your cardboard and then I came online and saw this.

    Seriously, peeling the layers off yourself is just not worth the trouble. So glad you made it easy for us.

    You can see some stuff I made with the cardboard HERE and Here.

    Thanks again, glad my pain resulted in something so awesome.

  3. Ooooooo fun new stuff!!! Hurray!

  4. Did you raid my stash?
    I’m all about the corrugated and wallpaper samples! Talk about instant texture (and durability)!!!!!

    Thanks for the blood and sweat and keepin’ it real! 😀

  5. Yikes!! I am busy for a few days, and there are like 20 new posts!!!
    I am being a good girl, and relishing each post, so I started from where I last left. I am so excited to see this kit!!
    I knew I had some psychic powers!! There had to be a reason I waited to purchase my color kits!!

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