Hot for Teacher

Today’s the day.  We are releasing our fall kit, Hot for TeacherNow, of course, many of us have kids (or ourselves!) who are students… but this school-themed kit is much more versatile than that.  Who doesn’t love numbers, alphas, lined paper, and of course, loads of lovely vintage photos?  We’ve got charming photos of kids, teachers, yearbook pages, teacher’s record book pages… well, take a look:

teacher paper all

teacher stuff close

We’ve got blue lined paper (white on the back), numbers on a green background, school buses on a red background, pink polka dots with a spewing book in the corner, and blackboard paper with playground theme.  We’ve got lovely blue fabric with all sorts of school-related drawings, strips of words, brads, charms, alpha sticker strip, and semi-transparent bookmarks.

Here’s a lovely project using the kit, created by our guest designer, the lovely Maggi Flynn.  Hmmm… let’s see… I can also see some white kit pieces and some Blue Streak pieces.  She’s also used our dress pattern wrapping to make the lovely flower at the bottom and the backing for the journal box.  I just love how that looks!




~So, run and get your Hot For Teacher kit today!  The vintage-lovin’ school girl in you bids you to do so!~



4 Responses

  1. Lovely LO, Maggi. I especially love how you used the sewing pattern paper. I have been meaning to try making a flower with it for ages but hadn’t made the time.

    The texture on your LO is fantastic. Great job. Audrey is such a cutie.

    Awesome kit! Can’t wait to see the cool things people make with it.

  2. Love that LO!! What a yummy kit!

  3. This is just fab Maggi! She is adorable (as usual)…love those flowers! 🙂

  4. Hey!! I’ve seen that baby before!!
    Great job Maggi!!! Love your work!!

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