And the Winner is…

ROFLMBO! You girls came up with some Gauche-tastic titles for the white color kit. I don’t think I’ll ever look at a string of pearls the same way again *ahem*

Thanks to Crystal I am pleased to introduce our newly named color kit:

Wedding Night

white kit spilled

And the randomly drawn prize winner is: True Blind Faith

Congratulations! Please send us your mailing address to receive your prize!!

I bet you know what’s coming next… It’s time to pick a name for the Red Color Kit:

red kit spilled

I can’t wait to hear what you girls come up with. Some of my first thoughts are:

  • My Bloody Valentine
  • Aunt Flo
  • Red Wings (I know, gross. Sorry)
  • Slaughter
  • That Time of the Month
  • Rag Time
  • Vampire’s Brunch

Have fun!


40 Responses

  1. True Blood

    Rose Red

    Dead Sea

    Strawberry fields

  2. Congrats to the winners! Those red kit names are …well..gauche!! lol!

  3. How about….I’ll have mine RARE!

  4. Great suggestions so far!

    I love “I’ll have mine RARE.”


    True Blood – very cool. Do you watch the show or read the books?

  5. crimson waves
    red dawn

    love My Bloody Valentine!!!

  6. Callista –

    Red Dawn! That’s my favorite movie, okay, one of my favorite movies.

    Great suggestion!

  7. Scarlet Letter

    Happies to the winners.

  8. Congrats to the white winners!!

    I just bought the white and red kits yesterday, great time to name them!!

    Red Wine
    Nose Bleed
    Bloody Kisses

    I may add some more!!!
    Good luck everyone!!

  9. The Curse
    The Painters Are In (Sorry, sorry, my OH says this… *g* ;))
    Red Riding Hood
    Marilyns Kiss
    Red Mist
    Scarlet Fever

  10. First Kiss
    Rockin Red
    New York Apple

  11. Congrats to the winners 🙂

    red red wine (ub40)
    blood bath
    ruby red
    red rock
    helen reddy (i am woman)
    wicked ways
    cherry cola
    strawberry fields forever
    strawberry kisses
    cherry pie
    strawberry shortcake

  12. scarlet fever
    give me fever
    royal flush
    scarlet pimpernel
    crimson and clover

  13. Red Rag to a Bull
    Scarlet Woman
    Red hot
    Hot Chili
    love heart
    hot stuff
    red carpet

  14. Congrats to the winners! Love the name “Wedding Night”!

    La Petite Mort
    Madam X
    Pucker Up
    Red Handed
    Light My Fire

  15. diaper rash
    don’t be rash
    Oh, My Sore Iasis!

  16. Sore Iasis! LOL! Love it Joyce!

  17. Oh my goodness! You ladies are soooo clever! Some of my favs:

    Aunt Flo (ROTFL)
    Rag Time
    Scarlet Fever
    Scarlet Letter
    Cherry Pie (so GREAT!)
    Moulin-Rouge (would go so well with Lady Marmelade)
    Don’t be rash (ewww factor)

    I don’t know if I can top those… let me think…
    I’m not as good at this as you guys are.

  18. Indian summer prickly heat
    red donkey

  19. Vampire Kiss
    … or for the Twilighters… Edwards Kiss

  20. These are so awesome. I’m going to sad when all the kits are named!

    Love Cherry Pie and Scarlet Woman!

    Keep them coming 🙂

  21. congrats! I LOVED MY PRIZE!!!! and I know you will love yours!

    these names crack me up!!!!
    i dont think I can top those,, but heres what I have for now,,,,,,,,,,,
    cherry pop (hee hee)
    simply red
    candy apple
    oh scarlet!!!
    rose madder
    red tide
    rasberry sorbet
    all that razz

  22. run the Stop Light
    give me a brake

  23. red rum(Shining reference)
    Hot tamale
    scarlet letter
    hot and bothered
    burning desire
    little red corvette

  24. woo hoo! i love these naming contests! thanks so much amy! now i am gonna need to get my hands on wedding night too! and there are so many awesome red names! i am lovin’ red dawn and aunt flo! ROFLMAO

  25. Baahahaha! The titles you girls are coming up with are hilarious! I

    My first suggestion is “Eternal Flame”. Gotta love the Bangles! LOL!

    And how about “Dexter’s Delight”?

    You have my vote for “Redrum” too! (That’s murder spelled backwards!).

  26. The red kit’s my favorite…how about Red Delicious? Congrats to the winners!

  27. Dexter’s Delight! OMG that is the BEST! Subtle, yet really, really gauche!
    And Cherry Pop – I think that might be better than Cherry Pie!
    Pricked! BWAHAHA!
    Give me a brake! Clever, Joyce – very clever!

  28. The very first things thing that popped in my mind were:

    Blood Thirsty
    Cherry Coke
    Amber Waves

  29. I loooove Dexters Delight! My sister is obsessed with that show! 😀

  30. Hot Tamales
    Traumatic Intervention
    Heart Attack
    Red Wine

  31. My first thought was “My Bloody Valentine”, but that seems too obvious!

    How about these:
    Through Rose Colored Glasses
    In the Red
    Red, Red Whine
    STELLA! (Not sure why, maybe the screaming part?)
    Edward’s Kiss (for the Twilight obsessed!)

    That’s all I’ve got for now! I’ll probably think of some more after my morning jo! Good luck!

  32. Here’s my contribution:

    Miss Scarlet
    My Bloody Valentine
    Rouge Apex
    Caught Red-Handed
    Hot Blooded
    Red Light District
    Red Herring
    Seeing Red
    Blood Stain

  33. Here are a few of mine. Dreams of fire, fire dance, reddrum (murder backwords from the shinning), see-n-red, red rose, blood bath, color of blood, blood is life, blood born, twilight red,

    thanks for letting us have fun with this.

  34. lovin’ dexter’s delight! that is awesome! love that show too when i get to watch it! how about…
    whip it (so thought of devo and those darn red flower pot hats when i see this kit!)
    mother nature
    french tickler (for some reason that one has popped in my head the last two kits…go figure!)
    still lovin’ aunt flo though!

  35. Red Hot Totty!

  36. Ruby Glass Shoes
    Cherry Up
    Ruby Lips
    Red light town
    Crimson Dreams
    Ruby Dreams
    Red Light Desire

  37. Oh my goodness… all these names are great!!!
    how about:
    code red
    Second Place
    Third Base
    Red Rover
    Candy Apple
    maybe more later…….ms.cheryl

  38. Barn Door

  39. Red Hots…Get Your Red Hots! (hot dog sellers used to yell this at baseball games) I’m way too young to actually have experienced this..seriously 🙂 ….

  40. omg. these are awesome names… DEXTER’S DELIGHT too – great thinking Sarah!!!

    i immediately thought VA-VA-VOOM!!! no gauche, but dh says it when i wear red – hahaha…. aunt flo and redrum also get my vote

    was also thinking
    bleeder (for all the haemophiliacs…blerk)

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