Hot for Teacher Slam Book

Oh gosh. When I saw these gorgeous creations Maggi did with the Hot for Teacher Kit, it just brought endless flashbacks to childish definitions of love in elementary school and more intrigue-based gossip in high school.

Don’t know what a slam book is? Maggi found this Wiki entry on it. (Are we really that old?? Have computers rendered slam books obsolete and replaced them with memes and Twitter?)

So, for the oldies like me, here’s some major flashback material:

Here are Maggi‘s words on her creative process:

“Attached is a project that I’m really hoping you dig or at the very least understand.  lol  I thought the Hot For Teacher kit would be perfect for a paper bag mini album.  As I was thinking of this idea, I was looking through the yearbook pages in my kit which got my remembering what we did to our yearbooks years ago, drawing stuff on people’s pictures, word bubbles on teacher’s pics making fun of them, stuff like that.  🙂  THAT led me to remembering something my friends and I loved to make:  slam books.

Hopefully you know what a slam book is or I don’t think you’ll like this project at all.  LOL

Anyhoo, I’ve attached the pages for you to see, along with three tags that I made to fit in the pockets the open end of the bags creates when you fold them to make the album.  I used the new kit plus a crap load of various color kits from GA.  (My go to kits for every project I do now, lol)

I used the little rulers in the teacher kit as the pulls for the tags.  I also attempted to make it look like something a teen would make which now that I think about it could be seen as a good or bad thing.  LOL  So I used Sharpies, glitter and notebook paper to make it really feel like a slam book.  I think I’ll even get my friends to fill it in for me next time I see them.  lol

I hope you like it!  :)”


6 Responses

  1. love this!! very cool!

    (and yes I remember slam books!)

  2. wORD Maggi!! This is super FLY, and Dope!!
    (these are some slang from my HS years).
    I am totally sure I am older than you Maggi, but i remember all of this, and you did an AWESOME FAB job!!!

  3. Love it!!!

  4. Whoa! Totally cool idea Maggi! I didn’t know what a slam book was but I can imagine how fun it was to doodle on photos…especially of people you aren’t too fond of…;) Fun!!!!

  5. Thanks ladies! This project was so fun to do and really brought memories back. lol

    I’m also glad someone out there knows what a slam book is! lol

  6. How about Psych! And you da bomb! And “chill” is so old skool – but I say it to my daughter all the time (well, she’s a little spirited, so … ya know…)

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