Colour attraction

So, lately I have found my colour attractions shifting.  Whereas on any average day, I would be irresistibly drawn to anything pink:il_430xN.5528267Pink+-+Breast+Cancer+DayI am finding myself drawn to yellow, a colour that I would not ordinarily give a second look!  In home decor:

2007-04-23-cash1042507manuel1…in fashion and as inspiration in general.

I was visiting friends in Utah this week, and I was drawn to this amazing necklace that had smoky quartz and carved bone beads dyed the perfect shade of ocher.  As I was purchasing it, I remarked to the sales person that I usually don’t like yellow that much.  She told me, “Well, have you been drained lately; have you been in a rough relationship with someone?  If you are adding more yellow to your life, you are most likely trying to regain some personal power in your life.”

Doesn’t get more accurate than that!



7 Responses

  1. Wow! That was amazing insight. I adore color so much I can never focus on a “favorite”. Sooo many to choose from!

  2. I like yellow. I think it is really relaxing. Great examples of yellow!! Good luck with your new necklace!! Hopefully, it will help empower you!!!

  3. i like all the colors , but do tend to be drawn to a select few more than others,, and red is my all time fave!!

  4. Such beautiful images, Heather. Mmmmmm….

    Maybe you can see your yellow fascination as the sun coming up. I do believe that colors (as well as many other things – dreams, topics such as vampires of the supernatural or … mice…) are an indication of our inner lives.

    Oh, and I see another shift… you’re spelling color the way the rest of the world does instead of the “our-way” American spelling. 😀

  5. P.S. I actually have something yellow for you that I picked up quite while ago that I keep forgetting to give you. How cool is that?

  6. Awesome insight!

  7. wow! what an enlightening sales lady! maybe she can tell me what wanting to add extra red and orange in your life means! LOL! so cool!

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