Trick or Treat altered frame

Since Nicole started the Day of the Dead party, would like to share a little altered frame I made in honor of the ghastly ghoulish month of October.

Happy Hallow's Eve by Nina Pateña

I was inspired by Gauche Alchemy’s gorgeous Edgar Allan Poe collage sheet (currently not yet available but keep bugging Amy and Heather to bring it back *wink*). See that gorgeous woman in the center of the Hambly frame? Yep, that’s from the collage sheet. I swear, it took a lot of bravery to cut this sheet up as it’s gorgeous.

And here’s a little tutorial for you:

Here’s a step-by-step:
1. Start with an ugly frame. (So you don’t mind altering it.) I started with a seemingly plain wooden frame which turned out to be plastic. Blech.
2. Remove glass and backing. Sand and apply gesso on the frame. Paint with acrylic paint.
3. Grab ephemera or patterned paper and tear strips. Adhere with decoupage glue and seal.
4. Stamp Queen Kat Designs Aged Text Background Stamp, creating a visual triangle.
5. Apply Versamark and hot emboss gold powder, again creating a visual triangle.
6. Stamp Queen Kat Designs owl and tree on cardboard (this was the cushion the frame came in). Cut out. Adhere to frame with gel medium or any strong adhesive.
7. Attach another 3D element to make a visual triangle (here it was the rubber smiley face).
8. For collage, attach dictionary page on the backing of the frame (yep, the actual thing that goes behind the frame.
9. Arrange other paper, collage image, stickers and Hambly transparency as you like.
10. Enjoy your work and display. =)


7 Responses

  1. This is gorgeous! I love altering frames!

  2. Gorgeous…love it!

  3. Thank you for sharing this beautiful frame!!

  4. this rocks….hard! i love, love, love it! just fantastic!

  5. […] Alchemy, made the Trick or Treat Altered Frame shown below.  You can read her instructions here. Lots more Halloween projects from the Gauche Alchemy Design Team can be seen […]

  6. LOVE your frame, it’s gorgeous!!

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