Noggin aka Nick Jr and Melinda Beck

Any of you who have toddlers and cable TV are probably familiar with Noggin (now Nick Jr).   Besides learning all the words to Dora the Explorer and becoming more fond of some little kid shows versus others (Olivia is now on Nick Jr!  Did you know!?), I’ve noticed that a good preschool show (by my definition) always includes some “in jokes” for the parents.

Someone out there knows we moms (and dads) are held captive by anything that captivates our children.  Hey, I even let my kids watch Sponge Bob now – which grates on me almost as bad as nails on chalkboard (almost).  It used to be banned in my house, but now I’m outnumbered, and my resolve has dissolved.  Don’t even get me started on Caillou – as my buddy Darla Dixon once told me (paraphrasing), “That is the whinest kid on earth.”

There is a point to all this rambling.  Ready to hear it?

Nick Jr. (previously Noggin) has these wonderful little shorts between their shows.  They don’t have advertising, so these shorts are all you get (a good thing).  At first glimpse, they are just stupid little shorts with artwork designed to look like kids’ drawings.  But as I’ve watched and watched… and watched and watched and watched, I’ve become much more appreciative of the artwork in these little snippets.  They really have a great graphic element to them, and they use all sorts of repurposed objects.  It really underlines how much of our art began in childhood: facial features all out of proportion, newspaper boats and hats, and don’t forget those macaroni necklaces!  Did our love affair with buttons start in our pre-memory days?  It’s a question to ponder…

I finally looking for the artistic genious behind Moose A. Moose’s shorts (I love the artwork but find Moose A. Moose himself just a tiny bit annoying; his bird buddy Zee is kind of cute – and the only bird on the planet with a belly button).  Want more?  Go here and here. Here’s another favorite:

The artist’s name is Melinda Beck – an artist and graphic designer.  You simply must go to her website and look at all her various work.  I know this will shock you – but Moose A. Moose and Co. aren’t even her best! (*snark*)

Load up on this eye candy – starting out with a Halloween image (of course) – and then jog on over to Melinda’s website for even more!

melinda beck halloween

melinda beck living in NY

melinda beck worker benefits

melinda beck village voice

melinda beck convergence of tech

melinda beck blood sugar

melinda beck debt

Melinda does a lot of illustration work for magazines and book covers, etc.  See if you can recognize her next time you’re leafing through a magazine – I know I’ll be on the lookout.


One Response

  1. Melinda’s work is awesome, when it isn’t completely FREAKIN’ ANNOYING!!!!!
    I remember when my boys were little, i knew the words to EVERY SINGLE SONG, like BARNEY, and BLUES CLUES. I can sing them all to this very day, and my boys are 10 & 13 now!!!

    But, I will say, I did LOVE it when he said in the candy corn song “i’d rather eat my feet”. ROFLMAO!!!!!

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