Getting to Know Yuripee

As any one reading this blog is well aware, we here at Gauche Alchemy are huge fans of Japanese artist Yuripee. She sweetly agreed to answer a few questions for us. Before we learn all about this incredibly talented lady, check this out:

I know! I had the same feeling when I saw this too. Woo-hoo! Mixed with a touch of envy and a hearty helping of “get me to my paints – STAT!” This is one inspiring piece of art. WOWEE! I love the combination of paint and paper here and the film strip is the perfect accent. Gorgeous!

Without further ado, I’m pleased to present, Yuripee:

Hi! I am Yuripee, living in Japan with my dear husband and two boys. I used to be an athlete, loved sports before I was introduced to such a fun hobby, scrapbooking.

Show us a favorite project and tell us why you love it.

I prefer cool layouts rather than pretty ones with many flowers, glitter or line stones. This layout is the one that made me realize what my favorite style really was. I love the boy’s layout using my son’s old jeans, tear cardboard up and showing a toy car from the pocket.


Where do you find inspiration?

I usually get inspiration from books, magazines and even from hanger ads on the train. I also love to check my favorite artist’s works.

Who are your favorite artists?

These are my two favorite artists from Japan:


What product can you not live without when crafting?

I need gel medium and acrylic paint.

What is your process when creating?

I try to select colors I have in my  photo to match my paper, then I start to add more paper and embellishments. If I have particular paper in my mind, I tend to choose black and white photos.


Thank you, Yuripee for giving us this glimpse into your process. All of us here at Gauche Alchemy are big fans of your work.


6 Responses

  1. Hi Yuripee!!! Your work is divine!! Great colors and textures. Your use of paint is great!!
    Can’t wait to see more!!

  2. Yeah!!! It’s always exciting to show Japanese scrapbookers to the world!
    Yurippe, great job, we all love your layouts!

  3. hi!Amy
    Thank you so much.
    I’m glad you can understand me!!!!!

  4. Wow, great interview and artwork. I’m in awe!

  5. Wonderful interview. Inspiring art!!

  6. What a great interview! I love looking at Yurippe’s work!!!

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