Keeping it real

I vowed to start this calendar journal for 2009 and began it in January. I always let the months go by so fast and I figured if I had a journal to document the daily things and some notes on what I thought of that particular month, I wouldn’t have so many lost memories.

calendar journal

august 2009

august calendar

As you can see, I’m so late in my monthly updates that I just managed to make my August calendar.

But it’s nice to revisit this particular month as it was a fun month for me and my family and I saw a high school classmate who came home to visit and met a new one too.

P.S. I also have a very lousy memory so I make sure I have a calendar booklet that I write a little note or something in everyday.

I used bits and pieces from old Gauche Alchemy kits for my August pages.

Here’s hoping that you also find ways to capture and preserve those everyday moments.



4 Responses

  1. LOVE this idea! It looks reaaly fab.. esp with all the air mail envelopes. Might start my own THIS jan.

  2. Awesome inspiration!
    I’ve wanted to do this for years but couldnt even keep up with a month on a page – do you have more tips for capturing the daily moments perhaps?

  3. Sarah — I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun! Good luck!

    Lara — Tips, honestly, I have none. I do keep like a million notes everywhere in the house, in my bag, in my cellphone, every time there’s something I really don’t want to forget. I.e. it’s usually something memorable my 5-year-old said and I’ll just write down what he said.

    A basic desk calendar helps. You can just scribble a note on what you did everyday, at the end of the day.

    Good luck and hope that you can start your own. =)

  4. Awesome!! I love how you altered it!! All the ephemera, the air mail envelopes. AWESOME!!

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