When inspiration hits…

… you have to grab it when you can. Even if it means I should’ve been making more Halloween cards.

Christmas came early when I was rummaging through the bits and pieces left over from my December 2008 Gauche Alchemy kit and found some bits and pieces that would make perfect cards.


christmas card 1

christmas card 2

christmas card 3

Here’s hoping that you also hit inspiration in the unlikeliest, or likeliest, of places.



3 Responses

  1. I LOVE when that happens!!

    Great cards!!

  2. I just found a way to expose the ridges in cardboard!! Stick the point of a wooden skrew in one in and push it through to the other end and then pull up on it while holding the cardboard and than pull on the torn top layer.

  3. Very cool tip, Joyce! Um, not to be all about plugging, but our “ouchless” cardboards already come with the ridges exposed. *wink*

    But, yeah, totally appreciate the tip! Thanks! Will post it in my next post.


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