Day of the Dead Part Three: Fun Stuff

What initially attracted me to Day of the Dead is the bright colors and funky art. Now that I have the important memorial items made, I can switch my focus to making fun decorative shrines.

This one is a tribute to Lady Death herself. No Grim Reaper here folks, Senora Muerta is a stone cold fox 🙂

I went to town with my Bombshell Stamps, Gauche Alchemy wall paper and lots and lots of delicious glitter.

My next piece is a companion to the first. This one is a tribute to vices. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to find appropriately sized liquor bottles. Maybe next time  🙂

For this I used a book page from the Foreign Text Pack , wallpaper,  playing card and game pieces from the Banana Hammock, Scarlet Fever and black mixed media color kits and a hottie from my own stash:

Did you notice both shrines are the same shape? One of my favorite economizing trick is to buy one shaped wood box (about three bucks at Michaels) and then separate them. Add wood beads for feet (or shot glasses, blocks, dice… anything goes) to the back ( box) side and it’s done. For the front (door) piece,  glue it to a decorative wooden base (they come in rectangles and ovals and cost about sixty-nine cents) and then add feet. The door is shallower than the box piece but both make great housings for a collage.

I hope you liked this week’s Day of the Dead projects. Next week we’ll be putting it all together into an alter (ofrenda) and I’ll be sharing links to some of my favorite artists who work with Day of the Dead images.

Don’t forget to enter your shrines into the Crafty Chica contest and be sure to post links in the comments here so I can come and see your work.


5 Responses

  1. They’re both freaking awesome. Gorgeous work with both the stamp sets and the Gauche Alchemy kits.

    I like your tip and will be visiting Michael’s soon! BTW, dice are great for feet on boxes too. 😀

    BTW, those are not necessarily vices. If properly controlled, they can be hobbies. *grin*

  2. Gorgeous shrines Nicole, and you have me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next article and pics of the shrines on an alter! Wow, wonderful job!!!

  3. Gorgeous, Nicole! Just creepy and gorgeous and I can imagine really fitting pieces to the artistry of the Day of the Dead. Very, very cool! =)


  4. Glitter is delicious!!! And you work here is FAB!!

  5. fantastic work, Nicole – and wonderful shrine tips – I’m always looking for more ideas for things to use for shrines. 🙂

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