A New Project

2806882258_aa31460cb3spaceballI just received this amazing, beautiful cigar box from a gentleman in my office. Well, to be honest, someone gave it to him and I said “PLEASEDON’TTHROWITAWAY!!!!”. I don’t think he quite understood why I was so keen on acquiring a smelly (albeit gorgeous) cigar box. He handed it over to me and shrugged as he walked away.

NOW…what to do with it??? I need your suggestions, everyone. To be honest, it’s been a while since I’ve done a 3-dimensional project and I could use some fresh ideas. 3129396462_d31b3f6277


12 Responses

  1. Make a really cute pop up Day of the Dead shrine!

  2. It’s probably not what you want to read but I would totally leave it as is! It is gorgeous!!!

  3. It is exquisite!!! It just screams shadowbox with feet……

  4. I think it need lots of beads and lace and flowers ,, oh my!!!

  5. Less is more sometimes. Having said that I would keep the top pic and the “dollar bill” part and for the legs I wonder if a combo of dominos and dice would work. The side with the red and green{and if the other side is the same way},{only within the gold rectangle}- that is where I would alter it. I like that trim. I wonder what a ‘false bottom’ type thingy would look like? You could glue the dominos to the bottom with the #’s showing {maybe add some kind of strength behind them} and glue another box to that -altered silly of course, then use dice for feet.

  6. I haven’t been able to think of a way to improve on mine – I just use it to store supplies – the little slips and scraps I want to use soon.

  7. It is such a pretty box, I would paint or embellish a little but I want to keep most of the pictures and patterns. Why don’t you put your favorite things to make lit ook like a pice of art when you open it. I know you have lots of goodies on your shelf!

  8. I’m another loving it the way it is. It’s stunning.

  9. leave the outside as is for sure – but make a 3d collage on the inside when you open the cover – surprise!

  10. I agree with the others, at least leave that gorgeous picture on top alone! lol I think it would be awesome to make something pop up or a little scene for the inside!

  11. I got to thinking instead of gluing the cigar box to anything you could find something enough bigger to sit the box on and still have room to put a border/fence.

    Is it going to be a piece of art only or a combo of storage art?

  12. The pic on top is awesome. I wouldn’t do to much with that. Maybe glitter!!

    I made an altered cigar box for my husband for valentines day last year. I have the pics on my flickr, I can put them up on the GA flickr site if you want?

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