Fashion meets visual journaling

I just got so excited with the Lush Kit that I had to make something with it right away. Oh and the gorgeous dressmaker’s pattern paper that it came in didn’t hurt. *wink*

I also threw in some Ouchless Cardboard in there and some vintage bits from old kits. The buttons and little umbrella are all from the Lush Kit.

My inspiration for this piece was my aunt, who’s like a second Mom to me. She bought me frilly girly dresses when I was small and then helped develop my fashion sense by subscribing me to Seventeen Magazine.

Thank goodness I didn’t have the body of a model nor the budget to splurge on fashion couture, I channeled all my fashion savvy into art instead. *wink*

Quick tip: To get the silhouette, I cut up the face of a model from a brochure and used it as a stencil to ink the edges. It’s so much fun to play with silhouettes since you can pretty much put in anything in there — from visual journaling to stamping to whatever-takes-your-fancy.


Reader Tip:

Joyce: “I just found a way to expose the ridges in cardboard!! Stick the point of a wooden skrew in one in and push it through to the other end and then pull up on it while holding the cardboard and than pull on the torn top layer.”

Thanks, Joyce, for the wonderful tip! But if you ever want to go straight for the good stuff, we do have some Ouchless Cardboard in the store.

Catch you next time!



4 Responses

  1. Love the silhouette idea, Nina! The page looks GREAT! And what a great tip from Joyce – she is just chock full of fabulous ideas!

  2. Excellent Nina. It is so cool how you used the dress pattern to cover the cardboard. Great job!!

  3. Hey Nina, it’s kinda cool to see my name ‘out there’!
    AND I just bought some and actually found some that I bought back yonder. I like the dressmakers tissue on the cardboard, did you color it with anything- it looks like it has a yellow hue to it? Happy happies.

  4. Hiya gals, thanks so much for the comments! Appreciate it. =)

    Joyce, um no, just used decoupage glue I smeared on the cardboard. So when the dressmaker’s pattern paper got wet, it kinda took on that permanent color. =)

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