Guilty pleasure

Okay, I confess. I’m a certified addict. Please don’t hate me. I just can’t stop my obsession.

top most choice

If I had ALL the TV series in the world to choose from, and yep that includes my favorites “Gilmore Girls” and Big Bang Theory”, I’d still pick “Gossip Girl”.

I can’t help it — the gorgeous people, the fashion, the music, the intricate plots — I’m just obsessed!

top most choice close-up

And maybe I’m just living a little vicariously through them and wishing my adolescence was just as exciting. *grin*

Anyway, what got me to admit my shameful addiction is the gorgeous Lush Kit and everything it holds. With the pink cardstock, the cocktail umbrellas, cool bling and, yup, those lovely fabric-covered buttons, I couldn’t think of anything else that balanced alcohol and fashion in one great package!

P.S. I’m serious about not throwing away the pizza box your orders from Gauche Alchemy come in. See what fun you can do with the cardboard?

Here’s to guilty pleasures!



5 Responses

  1. I have never seen Gossip Girl.. but by the look of your fab LO I’m missing out!! I’m a huge fan of cardboard too, esp. ripped and painted. Lovely stuff..

  2. Very awesome, love your lo! I don’t watch GG but I am all about some Big Bang Theory!

  3. Love your “ode” to your obsession!!!

  4. hey, did you guys put a super small smiley face in the gray border near the email thingy – upper right?

  5. Hi, Joyce! Um, I’m not sure how that got there. Will have to ask Amy and Heather. =)

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