Happy Halloween!

In celebration of one of the gauchest holidays I can think of, we’d just like to greet you all a gauche-filled, happy, happening Halloween!

nina halloween shadowbox

I made this little collage shadowbox for the occasion. I was serious about not throwing away the pizza box that your orders from Gauche Alchemy comes packaged in. I had to use tons of cardboard on this project and even ran out of foam tape. I found that cardboard stacked on top of each other is also a great substitute for foam tape. Just adhere to each other with double-sided tape.

nina halloween shadowbox close-up

Those little windows show little cut-outs from the Nevermore Collage Sheet. The patterned paper on the cardboard (painted black) comes from an old kit. The buttons, sequins, beads and bling all come from the Green Color Kit.

Special thanks to my husband AR (whom I bullied to paint the tombstones for me. *grin*).

nina halloween shadowbox close-up 2

I painted toothpicks black and then realized that I could insert them in the holes at the side of the corrugated cardboard. I ended up with a really cool jail cell!

Here’s hoping you and your families are enjoying the spookiness and fun of the season!


P.S. Special thanks to the wonderful Angie of Scrapscene and her special mention of GA on this post HERE.


4 Responses

  1. hi Nina, I was wondering what might happen over here at sublime gauche? I’m clapping and giving you a standing O, thanks for the mini Opera. Happy happies everybody.

  2. Wowowow, this is awesome! I love the toothpick jail!

  3. This is so cool! Thanks for inspiring.

  4. Love it!! The tiipped tombstone is a great touch!!
    I have never received a pizza box with my orders! They came in bags!! But, i saved the bubble part of the bag for stamping, and just using as background stuff.

    Totally rockin’ it!!

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