I need something fun

In a sense, I really love working full-time at my dayjob, but there are two downsides.  The first is that I don’t get nearly as much time with you all as I’d like.  The second is that I’ve been running my REAR off for the past few weeks.  Holy Cannoli, Batman!  Has it ever been busy!  Makes the day pass quickly, tell ya what.  They are starting to blur into each other.

Here I am, halfway through the afternoon, finally having some lunch.  And by golly, I need a “fun” break.  I’d say it’s the perfect time to share a little story with you.

Okay, so I had this weird serendipitous thing happen a week or so ago. I know I’ve already profiled this book, but take another look:

This book is great – it has a lot of good tips for artful, edgy designs. Actually, I believe I got this book from Sarah Fishburne in a drawing on her blog – along with about a metric ton of other cool stuff. (Talk about a sweetie – you MUST go check out her artwork if you aren’t familiar with her already!)

Anyway, I was at the post office before going to work one morning – which is often a routine stop on my way to work (gotta mail out packages to all you hungry people). There were three people in the lobby – one of them was me. The counters usually open up at 8:30, but they changed it, for reasons unknown to 9:00. Which might normally have aggravated me, but since they put in a brand-spankin’ new APS (automatic postal service machine), I wasn’t complaining. I love those machines – they save a ton of time.

But I digress. I struck up an unlikely conversation with one of the ladies there. We talked about e-mail and how the post is so passe. I told her I end up at the post office a lot, though, because I mail packages for my business. What business? Oh, this paper arts/mixed media supply business I have online. Really? Yeah, here’s my card! Oh, my daughter is really into scrapbooking! I know, I know! So many people are into scrapbooking! It’s so much fun! Yeah, and my daughter even wrote a couple of books and she goes all over the place doing workshops! I mean, she’s REALLY into scrapbooking!

Uhhhhhhhhh… who’s your daughter?

Tena Sprenger!


Ok, I admit – I didn’t really say that. What I said was:

No kidding! I know of her! Wow… what a coincidence.

So, Darlene and I chatted a bit about her daughter and her family and her interest in antique dolls. Quite a fun and interesting lady. I sloppily wrote my name on our lovely Gauche Alchemy card, which Darlene happily announced she would pass on to her daughter. *grin* Kind of made my day. I love coincidences. Kind of like surprises without the pretty paper.

Anyway, I hopped on over to Tena’s blog and took a look around. Left a comment for her. Let her know I’m writing evil crap about her on our blog. >:)

Here’s another book by Tena and Carol Wingert – looks like another winner. Anyone have this book? What do you think?


5 Responses

  1. I just added these two books to my amazon wishlist. Thanks for enabling! 🙂

  2. How cool and what a small world.

    I just read Artful Memories last week and it was excellent.

  3. Love it! It is a small world afterall.

  4. What a neat encounter! These books look so fun!

  5. Excellent story!!!

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