Pink and violet collage

I’ve always been kind of intimidated of using canvas boards. They always looked so professional and serious and I felt unworthy of them.

I finally faced my fear and ventured to alter my first canvas board. And totally amazed myself at the result!

pink and violet collagepink and violet collage side view

Since I was so scared of altering a canvas board, I’d collage on every possible surface I could find — tin cans, manila folders, chipboard, playing cards, etc.

What made me brave now was the feeling that I’d “practiced” for this, that I had altered every possible surface I could find that there was no other surface I hadn’t worked on but canvas.

Yep, art is about being brave and taking the plunge. But it definitely helps if you practiced a lot first.

When I saw the final product of this, what I had made with my own hands, I was shocked and in awe. I keep looking at it, thinking maybe I copied it somewhere instead of using my own design.

I looked at the pieces and although I’ve seen some of the elements in other people’s work, this was my own, my own likes, my favorite colors.

And definitely, how much original can it be when I know how unique GA Kits are? (I used the Pink Parts Color Kit, Foreign Text Papers plus some odds and ends from old kits for this.)

It’s kinda scary looking at something you made and just know that the art was there all along, waiting for you to come play and reveal it.

So, don’t be afraid. Take the plunge. And you never know when you’ll be able to amaze yourself!


6 Responses

  1. Eyeball City!

  2. wow!
    i know this exact feeling and it’s the best feeling in the world, i think.

    i know what you mean by using actual canvas.
    i have a confession – i bought a canvas months ago, bravely like you, i started playing on it then shoved it to the back of my closet because it was just too much pressure.
    maybe its time to take it back out of the plastic and try again….?
    thanks for the wonderful inspiration Nina!!!!

  3. Thanks for the comments, girls. =)

    Lara, definitely. Sometimes, the only way to do it is to take the plunge. Good luck! =)

  4. Your collage is totally rockin’!!

    I have made quite a few collages on canvas board. I really enjoy it. I feel like I can alter as much as i want, and for as far as the eye can see…. It really is a very freeing experience!!!

  5. This is awesome, I love working in canvas!

  6. Way cool!! I’m just starting to play with canvas….

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