Cloth Paper Scissors is one of my all-time favorite mags.  I think I even might enjoy it more than (hush!) Somerset.  Maybe.  That’s a hard call.

cps nov dec 09

The Nov/Dec copy landed in my mailbox last week – sometimes I avoid opening it because my brain goes crazy with a million ideas and longings, and frankly, it can make me anxious.  I know, I’m such a weirdo.  I have to wait for the right mood and energy level to start perusing.

sandy bartholomewThere is a great article in this issue by Sandy Steen Bartholomew about a form of meditation called “Zentangles.” Of course you don’t need to use this particular system, just as you don’t need to commit to a particular type of yoga.  The idea of this art/meditation form  appeals to me on so many levels.

I am an artist of many fears.  I am intimidated by so much – painting, doodling, printing, lettering.  I know, you must be thinking I’m a total wuss by now.  Here I am working on inspiring others and pulling things together in a  way that makes it easy for people to be creative, and yet I question so much of my own creativity.  I’ve had this awful habit my entire life of feeling like I have to research and “know” how to do something before I try it.  Ridiculous, I know.  (Oh, you too?)

I like the idea of meditation but have found that so far, my best results come in some form of action: cleaning the kitchen, driving a well-known route, yoga… stuff like that – and of course, spending time in my studio a.k.a. messy crafting room that is a source of shame to my hubby (it’s in the front of the house where everyone can see the madness).

I’m starting to make connections and embrace my ADD-like qualities lately, so I consider meditation to be anything that stops the relentless disorganized, stream-of-consciousness thoughts – and actions.  I’m so easy distracted.

But I digress (see? I’m easily distracted).

Zentangles is basically a form of purposeful doodling.  (Remember I said I was afraid of doodling?  Sure, it’s fine for meetings, but nothing I’d necessarily want to use in my artwork and definitely not any form of meditation.)  Can I doodle and meditate at the same time?  And there’s a possibility I’ll like the outcome when I’m finished?  Wow.

For those of you who love art journaling (me!), you need to know that letters themselves are a great starting point for a Zentangle.  For you scrapbookers, cut out some photo images and use THOSE as your starting point.  Or of course, a combination of the two.  How cool is this?

My challenge to you: give this Zentangle thing a go.  Be sure to share your results on the Flickr group (oh yeah!).  I’m going to try it for sure… maybe even tonight.  I’m not feeling well tonight and therefore only a few volts running through ye olde gray matter.  Perfect time to try it out.  Now, where did I leave my notebook?


11 Responses

  1. I;m sorry. I don’t really get it.

    I want to try, but….i don’t get it really.


  2. I just picked this magazine up yesterday and haven’t gone through it yet myself. I’ll have to check out that zentangle article 🙂 Now where did I put the magazine???? LOL

  3. That’s so interesting, I’ll have to start thinking along these lines. I still have Somersets I’ve never finished looking through because I get caught up in a frenzy the first few pages and have to put it down to regroup. Awesome overload! Awesome overload! lol

  4. Danielle –
    Click some links, girl! Click through to zentangles.com and/or Sandy’s site – her site will have a link to her Zentangles instructor site.

  5. Thanks Amy!! *blushing*

  6. I read a GREAT review (with photos) recently on this and it looks so cool. I really think you could just do this on paper. If I can find a link I’ll come back and put it here for you.

  7. Thank you Vel!
    That was very informative, and gave a really good explanation.

    It does sound interesting. I may be willing to try this!

  8. Oh now don’t do this to me – I’ve only just discovered Somerset mag – don’t introduce me to another… oh damn, to late! 😉

  9. I {heart} cloth paper scissors, I consider it a friend {hope you get that}.
    Happy happies

  10. I used to do that kind of doodling when I was a schoolgirl!!

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