talk about alchemy….
one place i find quite inspirational is the hardware store.
Actually i like the smaller “old skool” ones (not big box Home Depot etc)


Rows of washers and wire and tape in all sizes and colors and shapes – all delicious and great ways to accent pages or adhere elements.
They generally sell them by the piece (like 19¢ each for example) or in packets of 6 or more (so like 99¢ a packet!)… Although, one of the more exciting things is finding worn out pieces of hardware on the street and finding new uses for them!

i’m using some washers and wire in a top secret project right now as embellishments…. and have used them as starry type things on a gauche alchemy circle journal 🙂


And i just discovered how amazing an adhesive the Omni-Gel Transfer Medium is! It holds these washers upside down!!!!

I’d love to see any projects that anyone has done with hardware, whether store bought or not!


Below in the comments, Nicole posed a thought about using rub-ons on washers.  I’ve done it before – works great.  Have a look.  The flower and the scrolly stuff are two different rub-ons.  The green center is a brad. (BTW, some of those lovely silvery pieces above come from our Wedding Night and black color kits.)

wild thing


4 Responses

  1. I’ve always said the hardware is a crafter’s paradise.

    When our neighborhood was being built there was a surplus of interesting metal bits lying around. Love it.

    Thanks for the reminder to use metal in projects.

    Love the project pictured. Gorgeous glimpse.

  2. I just saw this and thought of your post:


    I think it would work equally well – okay, not equally but “well” – with rub on letters too.

  3. I’ve used rub-ons on washers… it works GREAT! Also works great on brads of all sizes. I will see if I can dig up a photo of a layout I did that with…

  4. Rub on’s on washers?!!! How cool is THAT?!!!!
    Wow, thanks for the extra tip!

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