Scared Scrappers, Part Deux

This is for all your scrappers out there in love with our kits but not sure how to use them.  For the first installment in this series, be sure to see this post.

Now, I’d like to introduce a fantastic scrapper, Nathalie Leonelli.  Be sure to click that link – she has some yummy-yum-yum-slurp on her blog.

I asked Nathalie to layout a typical page for me, without embellishments.  So, lookit this:

nathalie scared scrapper

If you’re a scrapper or a cardmaker, or hell, any kind of paper artist, you may have heard of the “rule of threes.”  Nathalie shows us a fine example of how to make this “rule” more interesting.  Basically, to visually balance your layout, try to split your elements into three.  Like three photos on top of each other.  Or across.  Get it?

Nathalie shows you how to use “rule of three” without lining things up like building blocks.  Take a look at the page from left to right.  First element is the grid paper, second element is the arrow paper, third element is the photos.  It also goes from top to bottom.  First two elements are the photos, third element is the strip of paper along the bottom.

How easy is that?  Keep in mind that Nathalie is an advanced scrapper.  If that much layering seems intimidating, realize it doesn’t have to be done that way.  For example, take a look at this layout of my daughter that I did a couple of years ago.

happy girl

Another example:

wonderfully you1

See how that works?  Pretty cool, huh?

Anyway, back to Nathalie’s layout.  Next I asked her to add embellishments using the stash I sent her.  She did a great job.  Take a look:

nathalie scared scrapper1

You can see that she added some text for flags, a dictionary page for an embellishment in the lower right corner, a “3” game piece, and a “p” magnet (both from our Blue Streak color kit).  Not too difficult, right?

Then she finished it up in her usual style, mounted it on our ouchless carboard, polished it up a bit, and voila (wah-lah!):

nathlie scared scrapper2

Thanks, Nathalie, for helping take a little edge off the fear!


4 Responses

  1. Great job Nathalie!! =)

  2. Thanks for this post – it really helps to see how others put their pages together. When you break it down like this, it suddenly looks less intimidating.. and do-able!

  3. terrific layout! i love it … especially the bright colors and the banner too!

  4. […] check out the last two installments of “Don’t Be Scared, Scrappers!” series featuring: Nathalie Leonelli and Pamela […]

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