Calling all cardmakers – urgent request

I saw a sign in the post office this morning (where I stamped my package and then forgot to mail it, noticed I took it back to my car when I got to work – talk about scattered!). The sign said that a boy with terminal cancer has a wish to receive as many Christmas cards this year as possible. He’s not expected to live past then – might not even make it to Christmas.

cards by Nicole Maki
Scrap Cards 3 and 4 by nikimaki.

Break out your supplies and send a lovely card to this little boy. Feel free to share your handiwork on the Flickr group. Post on your own blog and spread the word!

Noah Biorkman

1141 Fountainview Circle

South Lyon, MI 48178


6 Responses

  1. You might want to read the update here (and please send it to your PO as well)

  2. I was dropping in to post that update as well.

    The family has asked that people stop sending cards as they have already celebrated christmas and things are getting worse for Noah.

  3. I was just dropping by to post the same thing.

    Beautiful cards though!

  4. one of my son’s teachers did this for his class. i made some cards and sent them with him. she was getting more students involved too. such a worthwhile project! my prayers have been with his family too.

  5. D’oh! Sorry, folks. I usually check snopes when I get something like this over e-mail… just didn’t think of it this time. 😉

  6. D’oh! I usually check snopes for e-mail, but didn’t occur to me with the post-office wall message!

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