Collage on office envelope – part 2

So I mentioned two days ago that one of my goals this year is to actually finish the monthly tutorial/challenges over at the Mixed Media Forum of Blue Bazaar.

This is my version of the May tutorial to use masking tape for, what else, masking.

bird collage

I originally intended to put journaling in the unmasked orange strips but decided the collage worked without anything on it but the elements from Gauche Alchemy. The bird is from a playing card from the Green Mixed Media Color Kit.

And although I’d buried the Nevermore Collage Sheet under my things thinking I’d use it for next year’s Halloween, I looked at it again and saw the beautiful woman that looked lovely floating on the collage.

The Rorschach purple paint blob came about by squeezing violet paint directly on the collage piece and then folding the office envelope in half to make the print. The paint delightfully dried up with the same thick texture.

Catch you next time!


3 Responses

  1. confoundit Nina! {hands on hips here} I was just plain busy going through the newletter and before I knew it I was gathering the supplies for your AJ tut. when I realized I didn’t want to put it together right then!! I am still awake and it is Thanksgiving and since I decided your tut. would be a good Christmas gift for someone, I’m heading back to my email to get started. I thought it a good idea to start an Art Journal with what I have and they have to finish it with what they have. I am still shaking my head over how busy I was enjoying the newsletter that my hands just took over and started gathering.

  2. lol. What a fun idea, Joyce. Sort of like a circle journal that you started that they have to finish.

    Thanks so much for the kind words and good luck!

    Happy Thanksgiving too! =)

  3. This surely makes great sense!

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