Surfing the Net

I am obsessing over this song and video right now: Fireflies by Owl City.

I just love the last line: “It’s hard to say I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep/Because my dreams are bursting at the seams.”

I also just finished the chapter called “Say Hi to Yaron” from Patti Digh’s wonderful book “Life is a Verb”. (To have an idea what the book is about, check out the blog 37 Days.) Basically, Patti related about how she sits beside this total stranger in a plane who irritated her to no end before she realized that she was missing an opportunity, the same kind of opportunity she always talks about. So she talked to this man named Yaron, who turned out to be this sweet man from Israel, full of amazing stories and adventures. Their friendship endured and grew from that one conversation and they grew to be lifelong friends.

And then I stumbled upon this tonight: The Lost Camera Project.

And then I stumbled upon this page because of it: Disposable Memory Project. (I love that one of the cameras is actually in the Philippines. It gives me a sense of solidarity with the world.)

Sadly, according to the Disposable Memory Project website, out of 249 cameras released into the world in 56 countries, 17 have returned home, 77 are found and are going around, while 152 are still missing in action.

I love the idea of sending out something into the world, not knowing or caring if it’ll come back to you filled with wonderful little stories from the people who were part of it.

But it also makes me shake my head that 50/50 of people will love the idea too and go along with it, while the other half will just keep the camera for themselves. Most people have bigger problems, I get it, who don’t have the time or money or vision to go along with it.

For me, I can totally understand the feeling of wanting to reach out and touch other people’s lives somehow. And be lucky enough to see a glimpse into other people’s worlds.

Because my dreams are bursting at the seams too.


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  1. This video blew me away when I saw it a few weeks ago. Really, truly amazing.

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