We’re thankful for sales!

We’re having a Cyber Monday sale over on our ArtFire shop!

Most of us are familiar with Black Friday, I gather – the crazy shopping day after Thanksgiving in preparation for the commercialism of the winter holidays!  You may or may be aware that the online version of this crazy day of sales is called “Cyber Monday.”  Amazing what folks come up with to push consumption, huh?  😀

Okay, I’m not anti-capitalist.  Promise.  To prove it, use this coupon code when you order from our ArtFire shop from now through Monday, and get 20% off your entire order!


We’re feeling generous – we’re kind of wacky that way.  You just may find an extra little something packaged up with your order.  😉


Not shopping for yourself?  Hoping for the best when opening your own presents this year?

Put us on your AMAZON WISH LIST!  You know your friends and loved ones like to be pointed in the right direction – help them out.

This button is located in the price box on the upper right side of each listing page.  Simple as that!

We have lots of fun (and lots of kits) in store for December!  If you don’t already have us on your feed reader, might want to consider it – you won’t want to miss a bit of this.



One Response

  1. I’m sorry I haven’t been around for a while *crying*.

    But it looks like I picked a good day to stop bye!! Great sale!!

    I promise I will try harder to be around more!!
    or maybe you didn;t notice anyway. ok bye

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