Can we pick ’em or can we pick ’em?

The original team of Gauche Alchemy, Amy and Heather, have such an amazing eye when it comes to spotting talent. And it never ceases to amaze me where I see the lovely talented ladies who have been a part of Gauche Alchemy in one way or another.

Pam Thorburn, our amazing guest designer for the Pitching a Tent Kit, is just one example.

Check out where she is and tell me if that doesn’t mean we can definitely pick ’em!

Pam’s gorgeous work in the latest issue of UK’s The Scrapbook Magazine. You go, girl! And thanks soooo very much for the plug!

You can read all about it in Pam’s post HERE.

Now remember, if you are published in an online e-zine or print publication and Gauche Alchemy is mentioned in your supply list, we’ll send some candy your way to say THANK YOU! Click on HERE for details!


3 Responses

  1. I subscribe to this magazine and was so excited to see Pam’s gorgeous work with your kit there!


  3. Yay !!!! You guys are good! Congrats Pam!!

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