The Red Kit like you’ve never seen it before…

Okay, so I knew that people could come up with something that really kicked some major *toot* with the kits that Gauche Alchemy comes out with. But, I swear, this project just took my breath away.

Introducing one of our beloved and uber talented Japanese customers: Mary White from Japan.

What do you get when you mix a really hot number like the Red Kit with talent and a desire to share oneself? One really cool project.

Mary shares: “I want to tell you about a very wonderful project. Maybe it is the first time that I have been included in this kind of exciting project. It all started with a woman who lives in Hawaii, RBR. A friend of Mrs. Lia mentioned a project that helps children with Aids living in Africa.

The project is like this — a teacher listens and writes stories told by children of Africa. Then we put a ‘taste’ of our own. Pictures will be drawn for the stories, and then the stories become part of a picturebook. We then give those picture books to the kids of Africa.

When I heard about the project from Mrs. Joei of RBR, I thought, ‘What a wonderful project!’, jumping up and down with happiness. I could never have felt more happiness because even though I have little power, cannot go to Africa, cannot teach English, and am only a grain to the world, I could do ‘something’. In addition, I love English picture books. 🙂

The elementary school children of Hawaii also participate in this big project. The pictures that they have drawn could be a seed of creativity, hope, and a future for the children in Africa. Children have their own way to connect each other already, Mrs. Lia explained to us, using information about Africa, and showing us the picture books drawn by the children of Hawaii.

Mrs. Lia and Mrs. Joei told me, who was having a hard time drawing at that time, that ‘It’s okay if you can’t draw well! You could use mixed media or Art Journal or anything. There are lots of picture books so you could make them as you want.’

Then the story I chose was… The Story of Kasanke, The Little Bird. The story was far different from the stories made in Japan, but it was a story made by chidren of Africa living their daily lives. The more I read the story, the more I felt something inside of me. Then I realized that this story was a story that was so profound that I couldn’t believe children made it.

I made the house of Kasanke. As if it was living in Africa. The bookcover is a bird cage, and inside was the storybook.

To read more about this truly inspiring project, kindly read Mary’s post HERE. To view more photos of the project, head on over HERE.

Thanks so much, Mary, for sharing your awesome talent and generosity with this project.

We hope that this inspires you, dear reader, in the coming days as we countdown to Christmas!


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  1. Breathtaking…….

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