The Pierced Pin-up :: using vintage magazine pages.

Hi there my friendly neighbourhood Gauche-ites. How’s things?

I know that, what with there being quite a few of us blogging over here now you might not be certain who you’re talking to on any given day – so I’m going to make it clear that I’m Julie.  Hello.

It’s especially important that I make that  clear today … as the layout I’m about to share shows a photo of me in my underwear …and I don’t know how happy the other Gauche girls would be if they thought, that you thought, that they were flaunting themselves  … when it’s actually me!

So to clarify things:  today’s Gauche Alchemy post is brought to you by a vintage magazine page from the Career Girl kit, a 12X12 sheet of wallpaper  and a brazen photograph of me flashing my stripey undies.  You have been warned!

The idea for my the technique I use in my layout came when I found this particular vintage magazine page in my ‘Career Girl’ kit:

I really wanted to use it without covering up too much of the image. Yet, it was so large that if I simply stuck it directly to the backing page, I’d hardly have any room left for the photo and journalling which I had in mind.  While repeatedly shuffling both  it and my photo around on the 12X12 sheet of salvaged wallpaper [on sale in the GA Art Fire shop] I used as my backing …I had an idea.

As the following little video will show you, I turned the magazine page into a pouch for hidden journalling so that I could fit everything on my layout without compromise.  Give the video a glance and then I’ll show you some close ups:

So, as you can see, it was a really simple technique but which you can add interest to using the various mixes of brads, beads, buttons and eyelets which you have in your collection and which suit the colours and theme of your layout.  Many of mine came from one or other of my GA mixed media colour kits.

Here’s another look at the finished layout:

I’ve just realised that I haven’t explained why I’ve inflicted my underwear on you have I?  The topic of my layout is my navel piercing which I recently realised I’ve had for a decade now. As as odd as it may sound, I wanted to mark that anniversary! 

The piercing is just a part of who I am now and much of the time I don’t even notice it’s there. But at the time I got it, it meant a huge amount to me. The the story of how and why I decided to get pierced is recorded in my hidden journalling:

The journalling reads:

“1999 -2009. After handing in my final assignment marking the end of my first year at University I made a detour on my way home …to get my navel pierced. The conversation I had with the man who did it went like this:
Him: So why did you decide to get this done?
Me: I’ve just finished my first year at Uni and I didn’t think I would make it. So it’s just to mark that.
Him: What do people think about you doing it?
Me: I don’t know, I haven’t told anyone.
Him: Why?
Me: In case they try to talk me out of it … saying it’ll hurt.
Him: And did it?
Me: What?
While he’d kept me talking he’d finished the piercing and I hadn’t felt a thing … except perhaps a hint of pride.”

To mirror the theme of the layout I pierced my photograph with a pearl-headed pin from my white mixed media kit:

I also used more brads and eyelets than was actually necessary to secure the card-backed magazine page to my layout. I wanted to use lots and lots of interesting items fromseveral of my mixed media and other kits,   just to reinforce the idea of decorative adornments:

I hope that while avoiding looking directy at my underwear you’ve been able to take something interesting away from this layout and my tutorial. Perhaps you might want to:

  • mark an unusual anniversary;
  • scrap a daring photo;
  • make use of a full size page of vintage ephemera you’ve been saving or
  • record a personal story or triumph of your own.

Whatever you choose, you can always share them with us in our Gauche Alchemy Flickr Gallery .  [Although, if you want me to be able to look you straight in the eye ever again … you might want to reconsider sharing any really daring photos!!]

See you around. Most likely I’ll be fully dressed next time. 

Julie 🙂


10 Responses

  1. This idea is awesome! A great way to use groovy vintage ads without covering and losing them completely in the design, perfect! Let’s see, I’ve had my navel piercing for 15 years now and my nose piercing for 7 years, yikes! lol

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. Julie, Julie, Julie… = ) I remember that ad and I now wonder where my bracelets like those are and if they actually got moved with me? Great idea.

  3. Freakin’ cool!! Had my navel piercing going on 14 years now……did have to remove the bar when I was pregnant..didn’t want it to POP off!

  4. Girl, you are a total hottie in body and creativity! (If I looked like that in stripey undies, I’d post it on the Internet, too! 😉 )

    You know, they guy who pierced my navel way back in 1996 pulled the same trick on me. He was a scary looking guy with a long white pointed beard and a biker outfit, but he turned out to be a total sweetheart. 🙂

    Love this technique – I’m always having trouble covering stuff up and envy your layering ability. 🙂

    You rocked it! And your video tutorial is fantastic! 🙂

  5. Hey, Julie girl! This is just totally AWESOME! And no shame in flaunting your, erm, underwear if you have the bod! If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Hehe.

    Love, love all the little bits and pieces. And the heart of the layout, which is the story.

    You are truly amazing. =)


  6. this is one of the coolest projects i’ve EVER seen in my life! WOW – thanks for sharing (everything including those undies)

  7. So, you’re saying I should scrap an unusual anniversary with a daring photo? Mmmm..let me think. Just brilliant! Love the stripes.x

  8. Brilliant, I say! You’ve dared me– I have a photo of myself (or part of myself, in my undies) that has always held a personal meaning for me. Now I think I need to scrap it! Not sure if I’ll be posting it here, but you never know…

  9. This page is amazing – I love it 😀 And can I just say – WOW! I’d kill to have a tummy like that 😀

  10. […] The Pierced Pin-up :: using vintage magazine pages. « Gauche … […]

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