Nina’s Altered Christmas Project # 5: Family Christmas Wreath

I remember the first time I discovered scrapbooking. I entered this crafts store for the first time and, boom! I just fell in love with all the little beads, flowers, leaves and scrapbook albums.

Well, the other day when we went to the notions department of the mall, it happened all over again. And I came home with all these bits and pieces — little berries on stems, leaves, ribbon, etc. It felt like rediscovering why I love this craft so much.

So this is what I came up with:

Nina’s Altered Christmas Project # 5: Family Christmas Wreath

The goods: embroidery hoop; newspaper; masking tape; green and white acrylic paint; fixative; green and silver glitter glue; styrofoam; ready-made berries and leaves from the notion department at the mall; gold ribbon; cardboard; Gauche Alchemy’s wallpaper; Gauche Alchemy’s foreign text pages; additional embellishments – chipboard, printed transparency, felt bird; earring and button from Gauche Alchemy’s Green Color Kit; Inkssentials Glossy Accents.

What I did: Get your embroidery hoop and wrap with newspaper using masking tape. Mix green acrylic paint and green glitter glue. (This gets messy so you might want to lay down a lot of newspapers.) Paint embroidery hoop wrapped with newspaper. Let dry as much as you can. Then spray with fixative. (If you want to eliminate the fixative, don’t add glitter glue to green acrylic paint.)

For the berries and leaves, simply wrap their wire stems around your painted base. For the fake snow, add dollops of white acrylic paint then add small circles of styrofoam. Let dry. Again, spray with fixative. (If you want to skip the fixative, paint only a thin layer of acrylic paint.)

For the finishing touch, wrap gold ribbon on top for hanging your wreath. Cut ATC-sized (2.5″ x 3.5″) cardboard. I used the pizza box my order from Gauche Alchemy came in. Layer Gauche Alchemy’s Wallpaper and Foreign Text and chosen photo (this was our first Christmas photo as a family). Add embellies.

You can hang your family collage to the wreath with a ribbon or thread or, for me, I just hung it by sticking the leaves to the wreath with Inkssentials Glossy Accents.

Since Christmas is all about spending time with family, think of little ways you can personalize your Christmas with the official family photo greeting card or even just displaying your favorite Christmas photo in a frame with your decor. Happy holidays!




2 Responses

  1. Fab!

  2. I like using the white leaves as an accent. It’s a coincidence that I used the same technique last night.

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