So if you’re ever in Japan…

… you MUST try to get a slot in one of the workshops of our very cool, uber awesome and talented Yasu Kataoka.

She has been having a ball with the Red Kit and Beeswax and totally conquered Japan with her fabulous workshops! Check out her posts HEREHERE and HERE.

Beeswax Collage Vintage Style Workshop

Altered Book Workshop

Aren’t they just lovely? Makes me want to get on the next plane to Japan!

One of Yasu’s class participants also posted this lovely entry full of photos. Check it out HERE.

Hope this post has steered you towards some creativity! It sure has filled my head with possibilities!




5 Responses

  1. And yet another reason I need to move to Japan! lol Awesome!

  2. instead of oh boy, oh boy…how about oh girly, oh girly!MAJOR YUMMO!! Off to gather twigs for the wood pile and paint the grass cardboard Christmas green. Happy happies everyone, have an awesome day 10.

  3. Hello, Nina!
    Thank you for introducing my blog and layouts!

  4. Hi, M-Chan! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful creations with us! =) It’s such an honor to share such beautiful work. =)


  5. Hello!
    I am glad to introduce my work.!!
    Thank you!!

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