Nina’s Altered Christmas Project # 10: DIY Headband

My older brother, my sis-in-law, my two nieces and nephew just left for the USA two days ago. I ended up “inheriting” most of my sis-in-law’s beads and beaded creations. She was my inspiration for this fun DIY project.

I found this plastic headband as one of the things she left behind and I wish I could actually give her my finished project.

With some fabric from the Lush Kit, some bling from the Pink Parts Kit, and I had an entirely new headband especially for the holidays.

I used Acrylex Gel as adhesive for the cloth to the plastic headband. For my favorite glue-gun-in-a-bottle adhesive (which I used for the flower, gold berries and bling), I used my ever reliable Inkssentials Glossy Accents.

Miss you already, Kat. Praying for a bright new beginning for you and your family.

The holidays are always bittersweet when we remember our family and loved ones who are not with us. Send them an email, a prayer or a card just to let them know that they are sorely missed.




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  1. So cute!! And just where is the picture of you wearing it??? lol 😉

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