Nina’s Altered Christmas Project # 11: DIY Paperweight

I’ve been thinking of this project for a while and I hope that you’ll also give it a try as I promise it’s super duper easy.

All you need is some sort of adhesive (I use Acrylex Gel but you can use Gel Medium), a vintage page, and an old acrylic block (mine even has Staz On stains on it, but that’s totally going to enhance the finished piece).

Here’s a look at the collage again. This vintage page is from the December 2008 Kit. I created this simple collage with some patterned paper, a rub-on, some silver star stickers and a postage stamp. Now all you have to do is slap some adhesive on the acrylic block…

… and stick the acrylic block to the top of the collage, let dry, and cut around the acrylic block. Also, be sure to apply some sort of sealant (I just used Acrylex Gel again) behind the paper to protect it too.

And, voila, you have a lovely piece of art, a coaster, or a paperweight which would be great to display or to give as a gift.

Here’s another look at the finished piece.




3 Responses

  1. OMG – what an awesome idea! Somehow i think i have 3-4 of these laying around 😉 I wonder if there’s similar things at hardware stores? I mean i know they sell acrylic sheets, just don’t know the thickness AND more importantly how to round the corners so they don’t become an unintended weapon…

  2. As I was drifting off to sleep at 1:30 this morning I got to remembering that I have a piece of glass that I could play with, masking tape or I could use my flamigo pink duck tape to wrap the edges…oooooh…

  3. This idea is so fabulous! Thanks for the tutorial!

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