Super Skinny Santas!

At Christmas time in my house, we’re quite partial to a skinny Santa ornament or two:

In fact, I like them so much that I decided to make one of my own and here he is:

I’m soooo happy with how smart and handsome he turned out, despite the fact he’s in his night-wear! Although he’s definitely a  sleepy, skinny Santa, the more I look at him,  he appears to have more than a passing resemblence to Albus Dumbledore too. Perhaps I should seek out a lucrative Harry Potter merchandising deal now!

Anyway ….  he was possibly the speediest project I’ve completed in a long time due to how simple and how much fun he was to make.  Here’s a breakdown of how I did it. 

To construct the body I:

  1. folded my fabric in half – with the wrong sides facing out;
  2. drew the basic ‘skinny’ shape on one side in pen;
  3. cut around the outline while the fabric was folded to cut two pieces at once;
  4. put the wrong sides facing and pinned them together;
  5. machine stitched around the outside leaving the bottom open;
  6. turned the body inside out;
  7. stuffed the figure with the wadding from an old pillow;
  8. hand-stitched the bottom section to complete the body.

The fabric I used for his body, plus his glasses and his pocket-watch all came from the ‘Geekery Add-on’ kit and the ‘Geekery Main Kit’: 

 To create the face I:

  1. Cut a small piece of felt for the face;
  2. hand stitched on sleepy eye-lids and eyes [The eyes are my first ever successful attempt at French knots. I’ve only been trying to conquer them since I was about 7 so … it didn’t take me too long !!!]
  3. cut a beard shape from a canvas clothing label and frayed the edges;
  4. used thin strips of the same canvas around the face for hair;
  5. stitched a mouth and tacked the beard to the face along the moustache-line;
  6. stitched the fabulously cute glasses on, with Santa peering over the top!;
  7. tacked the forehead to the main body [stitches are now hidden beneath the hat band]  

For the finishing touches I:

  •  put a few drops of Hi-Tack: Fast Tack glue beneath the beard to secure it to the body; 
  •  used the same glue to attach the rope hat-band and the breast-pocket;
  • sewed a handmade parcel string pom-pom to his night-cap;
  • bent the arms of the spectacles around the head;

  • and finally, I threaded gold embroidery floss through a vintage watch face and sewed it to the pocket [we can’t have Santa being late can we??!!]

He was completed just in time to take his place on the sideboard with the rest of our much loved skinny Santas:

I hope you like him even a tiny bit as much as I do, or even as much as my partner who, upon seeing the finished product announced:  “Yeah, he’s good isn’t he?  It’s almost like you didn’t make it.” 

He’s very lucky that [a] it’s the season of good will to all men  and that [b] I know him well enough to understand that he was actually attempting flattery and that there was compliment buried in his statement … somewhere ;)!!

Ho, ho, ho.

Julie 🙂


8 Responses


  2. That is so cool! Merry Christmas!

  3. lol@hubby. Yup, was definitely a compliment, um, sort of. Hehe.

    Awesome, awesome job, Julie! So cute! You can definitely put this on a window display and people would go gaga over this. =)


  4. Oh! Love this so, so much. Definitely a little Dumbledore-ish (which I’d use as an excuse to keep it out all year round!), and looks perfect alongside your other Santas. I especially like the sweet, stitched face, canvas-as-beard, the inspired rope hat-band and cute oversized specs.

    You are a festive genius. 🙂

  5. LOVE him! He is fabulous and definitely Dumbledorish 😉

    Having a partner with similar complimentary leanings – I’d def take his words as a gold plated compliment! 😀

  6. Oh he is just fabulous!! He has so much character and charm.. love all the amazing details.. and he fits so nicely with his companion Santas (although he is definitely upstaging them!)

  7. I think he is lovely!! and you are right, he does look a little like Dumbledore!!

    I have been missing for a while now, and it is really good to be back!!

    Merry Christmas!!

  8. […] That is, until I realised that my ’go to’, highly useful, Hi-Tack: Fast Tack glue held it in place without requiring any additional help! Don’t you lov eit when you hit upon a near-perfect crafting resource like that?  It’s the same glue I’ve used to glue the lace onto the album pages in the 1st photo above and also to add details to my Skinny Santa blog project here. […]

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