Nina’s Altered Christmas Project # 13: Paper Garland

I couldn’t stand the empty white walls of our new home. And I didn’t want to commit to nailing anything on it yet. So, masking tape and this super simple project saved the day.

My son Matt definitely knows his mom is a scrapbooker and volunteered to pose. Yep, even the pose (with toy accessory) was his idea.

All you need for this project are your tons of vintage goodness, patterned paper and whatever papers you’d like to use, crochet string and adhesive. Cut the circles and sandwich the string in the middle of two circles.


P.S. Our very own Amy Wing is going through some stuff right now and, if you can, kindly send some warm thoughts, positive vibes and prayers her way. Thanks!


2 Responses

  1. It’s a simple project – but it’s very, very nice! Such a lovely decoration 🙂

  2. […] drove me insane and I had the idea to put up stuff with masking tape. First with the paper garland HERE and now with […]

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