Say Thanks with Punchinella

Hey Everyone, Nicole here 🙂

One of my favorite things to do with punchinella is to use it as a stencil. In these peaceful days after Christmas, it’s a great time to sit down, with your kids if you have them, and write thank you notes for the wonderful gifts you received at Christmas. If you have a lot to write, then something quick and easy is the way to go.

Enter punchinella. We here at Gauche Alchemy have a long and deep love for sequin waste. You can find it in Color Kits, the Nevermore Add-onBabyKiddoCutie and many more of the great kits and supplies we have available. Chances are you might even own some of those shiny, strips of possibility.

In my family a thank you card is never enough, they like thank you notes. I had Kinkos slice a ream of nice writing paper in half allowing me write short letters and  still make everyone happy. But plain paper is B-O-R-I-N-G.

To do this project you’ll need stickers, tape, ink, punchinella and paper or cardstock. I recommend using a chunky letter sticker as narrow alphas don’t show up well:

You can see a completed piece of card stock using one of the circle patterns.

Place your letter stickers:

Tape your punchinella to your table so it’s secure over the area you want to decorate:

Apply ink. I’m a big fan of the Tim Holtz blending tool but make up sponges or direct to paper works well too.

Blot with paper towel:

Peel off the stickers and embellish as desired. I outlined the letters to make them pop a bit and then added a few more star details here and there with the remaining ink in my sponge. Have fun, this looks equally nice left plain and simple as it does with lots of doodling.

Hope you give this a try, please leave me a comment so I can see your creations.

P.S. My kids have spent the time I was typing stenciling like crazy people and they are having a blast. Here is another example of what we’ve been making:


5 Responses

    DUH – this makes so much sense but i haven’t tried it and it looks so cool!
    Thank you thank you thank you!

  2. This looks brilliant! Why have I never tried this?!! And I even have the very same sheet of letters! I will def give this a go. Thanks for all the inspiration as ever.

  3. punchinella is soooo RAD!!!

    I got some in a few kits I got from GA, and I was immediately hooked!!!

    I have, litterally, 6 color kits, and I have coveted the punchinella pak for a long time. I must get it next!!

    Thanks for sharing your awesome idea with us!!

  4. Very, very cool. I would never have thought of layering the punchinella with the letter stickers! Awesome! =)


  5. SOOOO glad to see that I wasn’t the only one to whom this use never dawned on!!! DUH, it’s genius!! I LOVE it!!

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