sick of “best of” lists yet?
hmmmm…. not me.

For the last couple of years i’ve gone over everything i’ve made that year and made a retrospective top 10 of my favorite or most influential projects.
it’s super fun (well a little hard actually but then it’s worth it) – and awesome to be able to look back a year or two or three years later to see an overview of where you were then, and where you are now.

so, i just finished my 2009 list …. HERE!

I want to see yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!
comment, email, snail mail … pretty please?!


7 Responses

  1. Wow, I love your blog, lara! Just spent a very inspiring half an hour gazing at your lovely art journaling goodness (and could spend MUCH longer!)! Yummmy..

  2. Drool!

    I love all your art journals and the t shirt design is stunning.

  3. Drool, indeed! Do you mind sharing how you made that fantastic “besties” banner? Looks great!

  4. Ew, am splashing about in all this drool that’s going on… better go check out what’s causing it…

    DROOL! Officially have to come back in the morning and spend a LOT of time reading your blog and checking out the links you so kindly provide. You’ve got yourself a new stalker 😀

  5. you guys are so awesome!
    but i want to see YOUR top 10 tooooooo!!!!!!!!

    Banner …. erm …. sneaking 10 minutes in photoshop this morning at work…. i can email you the filters used if you’d like, heather 🙂

  6. okay Lara, I have a Besties for the year set up, I may end up adding more thoughts here and there as I thunk about it.

  7. Lara, you freakin’ inspire me so much I can’t even tell you. Loved you post and all the beautiful eye candy. What a great idea to do a best-of post for your art. The inchies thing is wonderful. I’ve never seen inchies done like that – usually they are very clean and “soccer mom” where I’ve seen them before. You are the queen of grunge. Also, not to take even a blink of credit for any of your wonderful creativity, but it somehow makes me feel a PART of your work to see stuff in it that we sent to you! Irrational, perhaps, but there it is.

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