New Year, new goals, new layout: Julie

New Year Greetings to you Gauche-ites!

What’ve you got planned for 2010? I know it’s not easy to set your goals down on paper but it can help to focus the mind. And when those goals are set down on scrapbooking / art journal / collage paper …then all the better!

I’ve made a start on mine here:
[GA products used on this layout: base = ‘ouchless cardboard’; number brads, ’10’ card = ‘Geekery kit’; vintage alphas, mini alpha stickers, time card = ‘Career Girl kit’ .]

I’ll admit that I’ve not yet commited my actual list of  ’10 things to do in 2010′ to paper.  But I did create a slot for it behind my layering and photograph using a technique similar to the one I demonstrated in my recent YouTube tutorial on how to create a pouch for hidden journaling.If you’d like to read more about this page and catch up with similar ones I’ve created for myself in the past, then drop by my ‘SMART New Start’ post on my blog.

Well then, I’ll leave you to your own planning and creating.  Feel free to share links to your ‘2010 goals’ type projects … and maybe we should make a date to check up on each other’s progress sometime during the year too!!

Julie 🙂


5 Responses

  1. THAT is delightful art!! the color is bright, like you are anticipating making the list. the layering rocks!!!
    I totally love this piece, and the idea!!!

  2. Love this, Julie – great photo and fantastic layering – there’s so many little details to discover!

  3. Happy 2010 girls!!
    Hope I can do something as a Japanese Affiliate!
    Love from Japan!

  4. Hi, thanks for listing me under your “Artists and Industry Leaders” column, I’m flattered! I am impressed with your taking the time to list your 2010 goals, that’s motivational for sure. I have several shows lined up for 2010 that are requiring multiple pieces from me, THAT is both motivating and intimidating! LOL

  5. How long does it generally take for you to put a piece together start-to-finish, Elizabeth?

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