‘Geek’ is good.

Hi, My name’s Julie …. and I’m a geek.   Which is no bad thing.

In fact,  to paraphrase Gordon Gekko, “Geek, for lack of a better word, is good“.

And, until Friday 15th January there’s 20% off the ‘Geekery’ main kit and the ‘Add on’ so, in theory, that makes ‘geek’ really, really good! About 20% better in fact!  For the full details and the offer code see  Heather’s post here.

For an idea of how you could use this kit here’s a layout which is not only geeky in its supplies but its subject matter’s a little on the odd side too:

[From the ‘Geekery’ kit: 12X12 paper; vintage magazine pages]

The story behind the photosis that last November I went on a crafting ‘retreat’ weekend with 4 friends.  We stayed in a converted 17th Century farmhouse only a few miles from where Charlotte Bronte’s Wuthering Heights was set on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales and it was really foggy, we were 5 women alone and then someone mentioned that the old door near the kitchen led to … a cellar …. are you getting the picture yet? 

Although 3 of them had been to the same farmhouse before, they admitted that none had ever dared go down into the cellar to see what was there …. which, to my ears, sounded like a challenge!  So off I strode, followed soon after by my friend Hannah who stopped not to grab a big stick to protect us, no, she grabbed her camera.  After all, in a house full of scrappers who take photos of pretty much everything,  you expect nothing else. Plus, we had to have photographic evidence of what may be lurking beneath our feet!

As I slowly descended the steps and turned a corner the first and most intriguing thing I saw was  … a chest-freezer.  How many times, in horror films etc, does the opening of a freezer in a spooky old house ever end hapilly?  But even that thought didn’t stop me opening the lid to find out what lay inside….

OK, OK, so all we found was a lot of frost and ice! I know it doesn’t even compete with the ghostly sections of Wuthering Heights but still, it makes for a good tale!  

The following day, several of us felt slightly unwell and while most of us put it down to not drinking enough [tea and wine don’t count!] not getting enough fresh air and being hunched-over while crafting for hours and hours on end … Hannah had a different idea. She decided that in my opening of  the spooky freezer I’d released some “demon,death spirits”!!!! And if that’s not an appropriate story to scrap using a kit called ‘Geekery’ , then I don’t know what is!

Until next time, don’t forget to check out the special offer … and be careful out there ….

Julie 🙂


6 Responses

  1. So, Julie, “What part of Geece do you come from?”

    After getting a refresher course from my hubby on Nerds and Geeks, it has come to my attention that I am not a geek.

  2. I love that story!!
    I can so see you all, sneaking around,,scared to death!! i totally would have peed in my pants!!

  3. And don’t you ever change Julie, this is an awesome layout!! I might have opened it….maybe….haha!

  4. lol Too fun!

  5. Have you ever considered adding more videos to your blog posts to keep the readers more entertained? I mean I just read through the entire article of yours and it was quite good but since I’m more of a visual learner.

  6. Yes! Actually we are working on getting more video tutorials going. Thanks for asking and keep checking back. 🙂 Amy

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