Color kit giveaway! [Free stuff alert!]

Sometime before Christmas [OK, so it was quite some time before Christmas…but who’s counting?] we launched the contest for naming the green colour kit.  However, soon after that,  list-making / gift-buying / gift-wrapping / gift-opening / festive-food-eating and the subsequent tidying and clearing out managed to distract us from announcing the chosen name and the random prize-winner! 

However, from today onwards the plain old ‘green kit’ becomes ….. the ‘Envy‘ kit:

Many thanks to LisaNRoxy who was the first to suggest ‘Envy’. Thanks for playing along Lisa, we loved the simplicity-with-a-hint-of sinfulness of your choice!  Keep an eye out in the ArtFire shop soon to see your chosen name in all its glory.

As usual, we added all the names of those who offered a suggestion [one entry per person] into a random list generator and then a random number generator which chose number ‘2′ from this list.  So our prize winner is ……

….Crystal!   Congratulations Crystal!! Can you please send us the address you’d like your prize mailing to?  Thanks!

Although Christmas may be over we’re still in a ‘giving’ mood here so here’s another chance to win a touch of Gauche goodness.  Our black kit is currently the black-sheep of the colour kit family as it’s the only one without a shiny and new name chosen by a Gauche blog reader so, can you help it out?If you want to be credited with re-naming the black kit then leave us your suggestion in the comments below and once you make your suggestion you’ll be entered into the random selection to win the prize!

My initial ideas are somwhere in between Coco Chanel’s ‘little black dress’ and something ‘twighlight’ inspired …. but I’ll leave the rest up to you.

Also,  as we’re still feeling that festive spirit, your name will be entered on the list twice if you leave us a link to a  blog post / tweet / forum [where allowed] etc … anywhere where you’ve re-posted about the contest /giveaway.  That way you’ll have double the chance of winning, so get commenting, suggesting and spreading the news!!

It’s the start of a busy week over here and although I can’t say too much – I’ll just say that if you’ve been wanting to kick-start a new crafting year with a new Gauche Alchemy kit … you might want to watch this space…..

Julie 🙂


36 Responses

  1. Ba Ba Black Sheep
    Black Widow

    I have to run to work now so I will put on my thinking cap!!

  2. Tuxedo
    Black Tie

  3. Congrats to the winners!

    I personally like Black Sheep, lol.

    How about:

    The Darkness
    Black Box
    In The Black
    Art Is the New Black
    It’s Black Friday (I’m in Love) – lol
    Serious Black (play on Potter, lol)
    Black No Cream

  4. Er…”backball” is suppose to be “Blackball” lol I’ll tweet about it in a sec! 😀

  5. Blacker than Black
    Midnight Sunshine
    Dark Night
    The Rebel
    Not Innocent

  6. licorice whip

  7. What a Shiner!
    Dark of the Moon
    Ebony Art
    Black Plum
    Black Thumb
    Deep in the Nostril
    Vampire Milk

  8. Black Beauty

  9. Woo-hoo! You just made my day! Thanks so much! Green is absolutely my fav color so I am going to have so much fun with the Envy kit! Emailed y’all my addy!

    I also love the name black sheep!

    Here are a few others:
    Black Plague
    Black Flag

  10. Love the look of Envy kit 😀 Well done winners.


    Black Pearl
    Black heart
    Oil Slick
    Art Noir
    Noir Art (cos I like it both ways ahahaha! ooer!)
    Black Beards Treasure

  11. Black eye
    Ink Stain
    Midnight shadow
    Dark shadow
    Black shadow

  12. Sweet Soot

  13. I like Oil Slick and Dark of the Moon.

    The first thoughts that came to my mind were:
    Dark Smudges (reference to the many mentions of those beneath vampire eyes)
    Vampire Eyes
    Black Thirst

  14. Damsel in Dark Dress
    Paint It Black
    Back to Black
    In The Black

  15. how about
    chocolate lover
    ebony bone
    midnight booty call
    black majic(santana)
    back in black(mettallica)
    once you go black,,, you never go back…
    chocolate rain(smile)
    queen of the damed

  16. Raven Dreams

    Starless Night

    of the deepest dye ** My Fav**

  17. Charcoal Dreams
    Black as Night

  18. Lets see

    Inky Treasures
    Midnight Treasures
    Distressing Dressing

  19. Blackhole Sun
    Black Friday
    Black Eyed Peas
    Black Jack
    Black Rain
    Blacky Chan (this kit will kick your *ss!)
    Black Lab

  20. Blackmail

  21. Hi

    Everyone else’s ideas are far better than mine but hey – thought I’d say it anyway

    I thought of

    Sooty Punk Pirate – as noticed zips, skull and cross bones and obviously the colour black!

  22. men in black
    dark delight
    jack black
    dark side of the moon (pink floyd album)
    edge of darkness
    black box

  23. Back to Black
    Black is Back

    Blacky Chan made me laff! 😀 😀

  24. My first thought was of a Fredricks of Hollywood catalog so my list starts with that:
    Edward’s spell

  25. Licorice Stick
    Black as My Soul
    Black Cat’s Paw
    Goth’s Eyeliner
    Sharpie Scribbles
    Bat’s Wing

  26. Black Magic
    Goth Juice
    Gothic Gauche
    Shadow Cat
    Black Hole
    Black Out
    In The Black
    Black Rose
    Black Tie
    Sirius Black (Harry Potter)
    Black Market
    Black Pudding
    Black Beauty
    Pitch Black

  27. Back in Black

  28. black hole
    blacker than death
    the black plague
    skid mark
    coal miners lung

  29. poison ( like Dior’s perfum dark and delicious!!!)

  30. “turn the lights out” OR “black or white”

  31. SOme AMAZING suggestions above!!
    Here are mine..
    Dark Star
    Black as a Bag
    Panda Eyes

    And just to double my chances.. I’ve blogged about it here:

  32. I’d like to see ‘witches brew’

  33. I think you guys just gave it a name… ” Black sheep!”

  34. Midnite Special

  35. […] Oh, and speaking of winners …  I’ll be drawing a random kit winner and choosing the winner of the ‘Black Mixed Media kit’ naming competition this Thursday, Feb 11,  09:00 GMT]. I’ll then let you know on Friday who won.  If you haven’t already entered – just leave a comment on the competition post which you can find by clicking here.  […]

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