What’s that smell?

Julie did the honors of announcing our latest limited-release kit a few days ago.  Kitsch Delish is a delightful collection of delightful tidbits (that are entirely delightful), vintage and vintage-inspired.  It’s just in time for Valentine’s Day – because you know love is all about chocolate and other sweets.  And it’s just in time for Mother’s Day, because nothing makes you think of Mom like the idea of whipping up a little something fantastic in the kitchen.  (Or if you’re like me, there’s nothing better with which to fuel the fantasy of a full-time chef.)  And of course, you simply must document all the yumminess from the holidays just past, yes?  Or wait – doesn’t your aunt keep nagging you for a copy of your recipes?  Hmmm…

I am pleased to introduce you to our Kitsch Delish guest designer, Candy Rosenberg.  Candy has been our vocal cheerleader since Gauche Alchemy’s first baby steps into the cyber world.  Since then, her talent has drawn quite a bit of attention from all corners of the crafty world – she now works for Graphic 45 and Scrap n’Art e-zine.  She teaches for Tattered Angels (maker of Glimmer Mist) and Copic Markers.  If you are not familiar with these, then you are missing out – click on the links and explore a little.  We’ll wait.

As if you weren’t already jealous, here’s a sample of what she’s done with Kitsch Delish.  So, you see, it’s not just luck that got her where she is today, it’s frakkin’ *talent.*  🙂  Note the Graphic 45 paper from the kit – of course, she HAD to use that!  😉

This project used only a small portion of the kit (cuz you know us – we like to load  ’em), so you’ll be seeing more from Candy very soon.  In fact, she’s been teasing me that she may incorporate one of her beloved dress forms into a project using this kit.  Candy, are you just being a tease?  Because that would be so cruel.  Inhumane, really.

Now, I just have to repost this photo from her blog.  Nearest I can gather, this is her studio.  I mean – *shuh!* – I’d totally HATE to be her, wouldn’t you?  Up to her eyeballs in all that gorgeousness!  How does she sleep knowing all that is in there waiting for her?  😉

She’s livin’ the dream, my friends, livin’ the dream.


5 Responses

  1. O
    *picks jaw up off the floor*

    first of all – LOVE that project, it’s so happy and homey – just like any kitchen should be!

    second, cathy will you adopt me so i can run wild through that candy store you call a studio?! holy crap!

  2. Fab project, love the vintage kitchen stuff… and *swoon* at that craft room… it is to die for!!!

  3. Hey Candy!! Your work is too fab for words!! I CANT wait to see more!!

    And your studio? what can i say!!


  4. oh wow… give me this for 1 day…

  5. Hi Candy, that wallhanging is awesome.

    wirda, are you sure you could cope with just one day?

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