Create. Type. Yellow.

The other project i did for The Creative Type “neutral” challenge is this feng shui piece.
It’s the second of nine for the feng shui project i am doing. The first was for my Prosperity Corner.

This one is for the Creativity/Children gua of my house.

My brief summary of what Feng Sui is: you divide your living space up into 9 areas that are called “guas” and each gua represents an aspect of life. it is believed that each gua has an energy that can affect the area of life it corresponds to in a positive or negative way. One way to control the energy and make it positive is using material items.

One website described the Creativity/Children area like this:

The Feng Shui Gua Creativity & Children represents your own creativity. This Gua reminds you to be aware of what stimulates your enthusiasm and playful nature. Focusing on what brings you joy and happiness can restore the delights of childhood. Activate The Feng Shui Gua Creativity & Children with items that will make you aware of your true, child-like nature.

Common “cures” for this area include:
* whimsical wind chimes, mobiles, and whirly-gigs
* arts and crafts supplies and projects
* paint the walls in pastel colors
* create an area where colors, lights, artwork, and music are exciting and uplifting
* round objects
* yellow and white are the strong colors in this area

Now it all makes sense … yeah?

Now that we have the background – i think that was the longest introduction to a piece i’ve ever typed – i’ll let you know how i made it 🙂

The type, which is one of the most important parts since it was inspired by The Creative Type challenge i cut from my new Cricut! Of course i don’t remember the font now 😦 But i decided to use “create ________________.” because there are soooooooo many ways to end that sentence! “create art”, “create happiness”, “create music”, “create life” … everyone has their own ways to fill in the blank, i’m sure!

I got the embroidery hoop off of freecycle – and if you don’t know what freecycle is i URGE you to visit their site! It’s an international non-profit that encourages people to offer things they no longer want/need to other people in their local area instead of putting them into a landfill. And boy howdy have i gotten some pretty nice crafting things from people getting rid of things they wouldn’t think of crafty but you and i would! I’ve also returned the vibe and got rid of three large totes worth of scrapbook stuff last year! As well as half my basement…but i digress (again)

I cut the plastic canvas (soon to be available in a wide array of colors at Gauche Alchemy) to fit in the hoop then tied it in with various ribbon. Then i SEWED, yes SEWED (!!!) buttons on, many of which came out of the White Wedding Mixed Media Kit and the Banana Hammock Mixed Media Kit.

Voila… now, it’s hung, and just needs to work it’s magic so i can work mine!

(pssst … P.S. Check out The Creative Type’s latest challenge – and if you enter using some of our awesome Guache Alchemy products and link here, I’ll randomly draw one lucky winner and send you two color kits of your choice!!! Happy playing!


5 Responses

  1. This project is amazing and what I love best is that you used plastic canvas. Yup, totally using that idea ASAP! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. This is so pretty, Lara!!! Hope you don’t mind me totally borrowing the idea, you inspired me to do something similar with an embroidery hoop and a mosquito net.. will post on Flickr if and when I finish it!

  3. Yes!!!!!!! Maggi and Sarah – i can’t wait to see your creations!!! Mosquito net?!!! Oooohlalalala!

  4. Hey Maggi –
    We are releasing a kit within the next few days that includes plastic canvas! And also, our third Acme Kit – which I also need to list and post about – also has plastic canvas! Whee!

  5. Here it is Lara…
    Prompt #24: Go Neutral/ Flirt

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