The Anniversary Pie

Hi there, Julie here, how’s things in your corner of the world today? So far we’ve had a flurry of snow and now the sun’s splitting the clouds … beautiful and confusing at the same time. But so are a lot of things in life!

It’s my turn to bring you something a little Gauche-shaped today so, how about sharing a slice of home-made pie with me:

Last year my parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary and rather than having an elaborately iced cake to cut into at their party … they had a home-made corned-beef pie with a pastry ’40’ on top! 

A scrappable moment if ever there was one!!

The base  is a sheet of ‘Ouchless cardboard’ and  almost everything else is from the main ‘Geekery’ kit and the Ball & Chain kit. 

Remember the video tutorial I made on how to use full sized magazine pages on a 12×12 layout? Well, I used the techniques I descibed in there, to layer onto my backing an appropriate vintage magazine page which features a cake factory!

My finishing touches are shown here, where I’ve used several of the Cosmo Cricket ‘Cogsmo’ die-cuts from the ‘Geekery’ kit.  Despite the ‘robotic’ theme of the ‘Cogsmo’ range I loved how its soft pastel colours blended in with my photograph and those vintage postage stamps. I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but this year I’ve turned a bit unusually soft with my colour choices! And I arranged a group of the peach, blue and pale green discs and circles and hand-stitched them to the bottom of my page. 

If all this talk of cakes and pies has whetted your appetite, then don’t forget to check out the brand new ‘Kitsch Delish’ kit, which is positively bursting at the waistband with baking-themed delights.

OK then, I’ll be off, I’ve got a sugar-waffle calling my name from the kitchen and it’d be rude to keep ignoring it ….

Julie 🙂


5 Responses

    Are the die cuts sewed or stapled? I love the effect whatever it is!
    And thanks for reminding me about your magazine page tutorial – i totally forgot about that and i just had that same dilemma earlier this week!

  2. Julie, however do you heed the call of sugar waffles and keep that delicious little figure you’ve got going on there? *sigh*

    This is so freakin’ awesome. I’m always delighted to see what you do with the kits… and it amazes me that you have the PERFECT ideas for them. It’s like we planned to send you the most applicable pieces we have!

    So, what do you think, is it fate? I love what you did with that cake factory page. Just thrills me that you ended up with that. Oh, and your hand-stitching of the cogs is waaaaay awesome. And I just want to goosh when I look at that vintage sheep valentine.

    You know, we ran out of stamps! But I just got some more… so, keep your eyes peeled, people… they’ll end up somewhere. Maybe in color kits, maybe in Acme kits…

  3. Love the way you’ve stitched on those circles and discs! Yes, I remember the occasion – and a great LO to celebrate it.

  4. Dont you just love that ouchless cardboard? I do. but, of course you do!! duh.

    what a delightful occasion to scrap!! LOVE the pie!!
    Great work!

  5. Thanks everyone 🙂

    Amy – I *love* it when I find just the right thing in your kitsto match the theme I’ve got planned in my head!! *Love* it! It’s one of the main reasons I like working with non-traditional scrapbooking items – you never know what interesting topic is going to emerge.


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