A Year in the Life of an Art Journal: WHAT

The first prompt of the year over at A Year in the Life of an Art Journal challenges is WHAT. Check it out HERE.

I think it’s a brilliant place to start when you’re making art. What is holding you back from making art? For me, the simplest thing I can think of is just everyday life, with chores, homeschooling, responsibilities, who has the time?

But as Pablo Picasso said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

So, here I am, still making things.

And here’s the artwork that I came up with for the challenge:

This is also the first page of my paperbag album I talked about in my previous post.

This is actually a photo of my artwork here:

The drawing was inspired by the September 2009 tutorial over at the Mixed Media & Arts forum over at Blue Bazaar. Just click on Message Board then Mixed Media & Arts.

But instead of converting my photo digitally, I just swiped Gesso on top of it then traced the lines of the face. Here’s the step-by-step of what I did.

Original magazine page

After I swiped Gesso on top. It’s better if you use a paintbrush or foam brush. I tried to see if it would be better just to use my fingers but it actually made the Gesso too thick (check out the area around the nose and on top of the lips). You need to still be able to see a faint outline of the face. Let it dry.

Trace the lines of the face with a black marker.

While I was waiting for my Gesso to dry, I used matte medium to adhere a piece of beautiful napkin on white cardstock. You can also used Mod Podge or plain PVA glue.

The first two layers of the napkin fell off by themselves.

Now cut out your face, cut out your beautiful damask napkin paper, and grab your embellies and cardboard, and voila, you’re done.

I just knew this collage would work beautifully with the Black Mixed Media Color Kit so I used that. I also used Inkssentials Glossy Accents to adhere my elements onto the collage. I just love this adhesive, especially for metal things or hard-to-tack-down things.

P.S. Just to whet your appetite for all things gauche, there’s something in this tutorial that Gauche Alchemy is launching very soon! Watch out for it! *wink*




6 Responses

  1. What a great page, love the face tracing idea!!!

  2. Me, myself and I are nuts for napkins{ I’m sure in some circles it’s, “Oh No! here comes Joyce”}- you can do a lot with them. Ditto what Maggi said.

  3. very very interesting…learning about new mediums all the time here!

  4. WOW!! you ROCKED your page!!
    I am in the AYITLOAAJ Group too!!

    I feel happy to keep seeing so many familiar faces!!

  5. Seriously? Grab ’em after events – it’s so expensive to have to buy a whole pack just for one or two napkins. Skip the ones with mustard stains. 😉 Joyce, you are going to LOOOVE what’s coming next to the shop! Keep your eyes peeled.

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