Two brand new kits! Brilliant!

You know we’re suckers for the totally ordinary.  Making the totally ordinary EXTRAORDINARY, that is!  (We’re called Gauche Alchemy for a reason, y’know.)  One challenge in using found objects and non-traditional supplies is that sometimes the very best thing is right there in front of you, but your brain is boxed in and you don’t see the potential.

Allow us to help.

Our newest kit is called WHOLEY SHEET!  This kit is… well… flat sheets of anything and everything.  Add texture, color, interest… and give your creativity a kick-start in the process.  Once you dig into this kit, I know you will begin to look at objects all around you in new ways – and when you do, please SHARE your new insights, m’k?

Get ready art journalers, card makers, scrapbookers, and mail artists, mixed media fiends of all ilk… here’s an eyeful for ya!

This kit contains between 25 and 30 sheets of … well… um… sheets.  😀  You never know what you might find, but here are a few examples: punchinella, cardstock, wrapping paper, foreign newspapers, kraft paper, shrinky dink plastic, foam sheets, tissue paper, plastic canvas, wax paper, foil, napkins, bingo paper, coffee filters, sandpaper, ouchless cardboard, game boards, shop towels, packing material, produce mesh, maps, wallpaper, dictionary pages, plastic screen, cork, cute l’il lunch bags, shopping bags, dryer sheets… trust us, you’re gonna have a good roll in the sheets with this one.  (Okay, that was super-sized cheese.  Sorry.)

Now.  A confession.

I must admit something of which I am ashamed.  We’ve been holding out on you guys.  We put this Acme kit together an embarrassingly long time ago and are just not getting it up on the shop.  It’s a fantastic kit – especially if you’re into pink.  🙂

To refresh your memory, an Acme kit is a full-size kit full of whimsical, vintage, and found goodness – without a specific theme per se.  This is our third incarnation.  There will be future versions, but once this lot is gone, it will look very different – so if you like what you see, grab one!

Well, well, well… take a look here:

– pink plastic canvas

– hot pink and turquoise tassel fringe (personally, one of my fav finds ever!)

– fruit punch vintage pog top

– game pieces and/or small toys

– bird and butterfly sequined shapes

– playing card

– swatch of yummy bright striped cotton fabric

– vintage-inspired pink napkin

– our signature original paper ephemera (at least 5 sheets, 2 of which are oversized)

– Sassafras Lass Yummy Vintage 12×12″ paper – Memory Lane

Stay tuned for some great ideas, projects made with these kits, and of course… more kits unveiled shortly!  (We always got a thing or two up our sleeves…)

4 Responses

  1. Well that is exciting – personally, I’m always up for a roll in the sheets! Both of those kits look like grand fun… now to find the grand funD; then I’ll be set! =)

  2. Looks amazing 😛 Even I who *whispers* am NOT into pink love the look of that Acme kit.

  3. A PINK Acme kit?!?! *faint* AND a sheets kit with punchinella, eek! INSTANT LOVE Must go pan for gold so I can buy these awesome kits! 😀

  4. Oh come now – you don’t need a grand fund for that tiny little price, hey? 🙂 Just teasin’ – we all feel the crunch these days. Which is why we emphasize you can find this stuff around your house. Well, most of it. Much of it. Some of it. *wink* We try to make ours just a bit funkier, but by all means, join in with what you have!

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