Canvas bag

I’ve accumulated a substantial amount of pretty fabric, ribbon and lace from Gauche Alchemy kits. You never know what you’ll get in your kit and that’s part of the fun.

I wanted to use them to make a fabric project and my blank, dirty canvas bag was the perfect surface to try it on.

There was this ugly dark stain right smack in the middle of it. So I grabbed the various fabric, ribbon and lace I have in my GA stash…

… and voila! Ugly dark stain gone! (Sorry for sounding like a detergent commercial. lol.)

Ahem. And may I brag just a little bit that I HATE sewing. I hate getting little microscopic dots of blood on my fingers, which I always, always get when I sew by hand. And since I don’t own a sewing machine, well, it just takes LOTS of patience.

To make the flower, I stacked up my pieces of fabric, ribbon and lace on top of each other. They were actually scraps shaped in rectangles. I simply rounded the corners. Then I sewed them in the middle to form a flower.

Oh and the wonderful thing about this kind of project: I’ve seen this done on t-shirts and cute little onesies on Etsy. So if you like sewing, or even if you don’t (like yours truly), try it and hope you have as much fun as I did.




9 Responses

  1. It’s fantastic and what’s even better – it hides 100% of the stain, 100% of the time *g* (Sorry, couldn’t resist!) It is sew pretty though *g*

  2. wow – very cool. dont know if i’ll actually sew, but still nice to look at and i wouldn’t mind owning … 🙂

    this goes in the category of seeing things on Etsy or at a craft fair and first saying “oh i can do that” and then realizing, “ya, but i never will so i’ll give money to the person creative and talented enough who did do it…” Like Nina! xoxo

  3. So cool, I love the hand sewing!

  4. If laundry detergent could result in that, a) I wouldn’t mind the goofy commercials so much, and b) I’d do a heckuva lot more laundry!!! Great job, Nina – and if you didn’t say so, I’d never know you didn’t sew!

  5. What a cool project – for someone who doesn’t like to sew – you did a great job! TFS!

  6. Nina! Nina!! Nina!!! awesome. I just paused this comment silly and went to look at my GA stuff and there was this little leftover rectangle {I don’t need to cut off the bigger piece yet}, that just covers the logo on a little bag my hubby brought home from work…I think it would make a nice crafty storage unit.

  7. just thought I’d let you know that I started hand stitching…

  8. 7:20pm and tied off my last stitch. Used 3 gauche goodies and some felt. Can’t wait to photog it for ya.

  9. Thanks so much, ladies, for looking!

    Joyce, as always, you amaze me. Can’t wait to see! =)

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