Fun stuff – DT call, giveaway

We did not initially name a deadline for our team call.  But the response has been so fantastic that we must cut it off soon so we can get to the critical task of making decisions!  We’re eager to introduce you all to our new team – hopefully it won’t take us too agonizingly long to decide.

Therefore, you are duly informed that the deadline is officially SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 28 AT MIDNIGHT Mountain Standard Time.  (If your application is in my in-box when I wake up Monday morning, I’m not going to pay much attention to the time it was sent.)

This is an official lighting of fire under your arse – if you’re planning to apply, please please please do so quickly!  We want to consider you, but we can’t unless we see your application.  Don’t be intimidated – you don’t know what we’re looking for.  You’ll be chosen for reasons you might never guess… so if you’re enthusiastic about working with us, throw your (heavily altered) hat in.

ALSO!  If you don’t make this round, but would like to be considered for the future, send an application.  We are hanging on to all the applications – you guys are all so talented!  It’s nice to know we have so much talent and enthusiasm to pull from!  We’ll continue to accept applications, even after the official call is closed.  Always lookin’ toward the future, y’know?


On to some more fun stuff.  Specifically this fun stuff:

I (re?)discovered this blog today, and it so happens that in addition to being a fantastic blog, Stephanie is hosting a heckuva giveaway.  I mean, it’s huge.  Get yer fanny on over there and join in the fun – it ends at midnight on 2/28; winner will be posted 3/1.  Stephanie is a Bombshell Girl, as is our darling Nicole.  We are big fans of Bombshell Stamps, as you know – of course, there will be a set in this heaping helping of blog candy.  Specifically, this set – Check Out the Booty, baby!

It’s been a while since we reminded you, but be sure to sign up for the Bombshell newsletter – a $100 gift certificate is given away every month using newsletter subscribers as the drawing pool.  Can’t beat that with a licorice whip.  Tons and tons of inspiration over there, folks – from the forum to the gallery to the tips n’ tricks videos and tutorials.  Check it out.


9 Responses

  1. Good luck with choosing the DT 😀 Thanks for the heads up about the Giveaway I’m off to investigate!

  2. Awesome blog candy! You know, I think I’m just going to have to get over my fear of stamps and invest in some Bombshell. If any one can help me, they can! lol

    Good luck choosing the new team members! Can’t wait to meet them!

  3. Ack! I’m mentioned on the GA Blog?! What a wonderful thing to wake up & see!!!! Thanks, ladies!!! {Hugs!!}

    I’m so happy you posted a call closing time – it really wears a girl out, walking around with everything crossed that she possibly can… (Ha!)

  4. Thanks for the Design Team call update. Looking forward to the results WAHOOOOO!!!!!

  5. What a great post – I checked out Stephanie’s blog – that’s A LOT of great stuff for a give away – TFS!

    Also, thanks for posting a deadline on the DT – can’t wait to see the wonderful group you’ve put together!

  6. I have my nose not just pressed to the window but smooooshed! Great advertizing putting the ‘carrot’ out before us.{Drool City!}
    Just this moment I decided to do an Art Journal spread about this ‘moment’…this serendipitious moment, I have the perfect magazine page from GA to do it with too[SO THERE!]. Inane things are running through my brain…one of those is “If wishes were peanut butter, my tongue would be stuck”. The angst, the drama and emotion, the pathos~ they are here with me as I let this moment go but not forgotten.

    thanks Amy for the giveaway link~~yummo! Have fun with the choosing you guys.

  7. WOW!!! That IS a heapin helpin of delicious goodies!! I must go check this out!!

    Thanks for the link and the update!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing Amy & Heather!!! I know, Steph put up a HUGE blog candy prize!!! Drooling….

  9. Love to see that Bombshell name in print! Steph’s candy is WAY COOL!!!!

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