Springtime ACME Mini-Book

Lara here. Been on a little hiatus, but slowly getting back into things.

Here’s a little springtime mini-book I made with the new ACME #3 kit sprinkled with some little doodads from the Pink Parts Color kit.

I love me some colors, but sometimes pink can be too sweet for me. So, i decided to mix this up a little bit to create a more grungy and relaxed color combo. I’ve really really been into deconstructing and reconstructing lately, so it wasn’t a huge stretch.

I cut the double-sided cardstock sheet that came with the kit into some strips and refit them together like a puzzle, taping the pieces on the new back. Then i cut the sheet one more time in the other direction and taped it together again so i ended up with two sheets of 6″x12″. Then i glued them back to back so you can’t see the tape creating the final 6″x12″ cover.

Put a little gesso on, a packing tape transfer quote, some silly, but cute as heck, doodads and voila – something that makes me smile.

I also took a couple of other miscellaneous sheets and napkin and “binded” it all together with two brads and that dingleberry ribbon which is SO much fun to play with. Inside I’ll put more inspiring quotes about creating as well as other little notes I might write to myself over the next couple of weeks.


13 Responses

  1. Love the book……and thanks so much for the lovely giveaway that I received today.

  2. Gorgeous book, Lara! And i love that quote on the front. Brilliant.

  3. wait til Maggi sees this!!

    guess what I will be choosing this morning? A piece of pp to follow your directions. Happy Happies everyone.

  4. LOL Joyce! You crack me up! And yes, I l-o-v-e this!!!!

    This is really great Lara! I have so love seeing your “pieced back together again” paper you’ve been doing lately! Definitely want to try that technique out!

  5. oooh – i’m so happy to hear you guys say that about my current obsession! cause basically everything i see now i think “hmmm i need to cut that and piece it back’ – glad to know i haven’t started boring anybody!!! i’ve even started doing it with painty drips and stuff 🙂

    maybe it’s because my brain is so fragmented with thoughts lately…

    Sarah – that’s my motto these days – i’ve put it on alot of stuff but don’t usually show it since it’d be so redundant – but i’m hoping if i use it enough it will sink in deeper to my sub-concious! hahahahaha

  6. oh boy, I got brave and chose one of my graphic 45’s {Renaissance Faire Collection/Bona Fide}-left the info. area for extra length, and flipped the pieces before taping{I used both 3/4 inch masking tape and 1-1/4 inch Micropore tape}. I won’t be gluing these two together though, so I will have to think how to give them strength. Happy happies.

  7. Fab job Lara!! I love your new “piecing”. Any way to use paper is awesome. and I feel most paper should be cut or torn anyway!!
    Love it!!

  8. I love it, Lara! Those little pink dudes are hilarious, and that packing tape transfer is absolutely ingenious!

  9. I am in love with this and have never even heard of that technique before. Will definitely be trying it out. This is gorgeous.

    Love that quote!

  10. Lara, you are brilliant! I have noticed in the past few weeks that your color palette is changing… I think you’re busy inside that head of yours, entering another exciting phase of your life. 🙂 Just a hunch. I, too, love the quote on the front… that’s really fantastic.

    Jacky – so happy you’re pleased with your goodies!

  11. I went back to two of my faves, dressmakers tissue and used tea bags for strengthening. I laid down a length of waxpaper and used a little white paint with a brush that was sitting in black paint water, than cut up some book pages and sporadic/randomly placed them with white glue- added more glue and placed an unused piece of waxpaper over that and used my hand-brayer to help smooth and seal. I just cut out a shape using my ‘The Curve and The Square template, folded it and placed it inside one of the minis and oh wow, it looks mighty fine with the curve part sticking out over the top. Thank You Lara.

  12. Joyce – i want to see this creation!!!!! Where is it?!!!!

    Amy thanks – changing color palette? hrmmm.

  13. Okay Lara, there are two photos, the one with the gauchie product is in the Flickr Pool. The other one is a picture of two of the pages and the how-to. Happy happies.

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