Creative Therapy with Wholey Sheets

I made this layout inspired by the prompt #4 at Dirty Scraps – “In Your Eyes”.

I created this layout using my newfound technique of creating texture with acrylic paint and gesso (tutorial coming soon!). Then i also grabbed some supplies from my new favorite kit from Gauche AlchemyWholey Sheets Mixed Media Kit.

I am so in love with plastic canvas – the options are limitless!!! Here I used it as a frame with no backing so you can see through it!!!!! And I also used some of the screen from the kit, spray painting it a little to give it a red hue. Just love all the texture both things provide!


10 Responses

  1. Love Love Love this layout. The colors and texture are absolutely AMAZING!!

  2. Really awesome! And yes, gesso and paint make beautiful texture. especially if you put it on with a sponge!
    Your texture and colors totally rock!

  3. Gorgeous colours and textures… it’s a really dramatic layout that suits the doggy photo so well.. i love it!!!

  4. OMG! This layout is fab! I absolutely adore anything to do with fur babies and this is probably one of the coolest layouts I have seen featuring a beloved pet…hands down this rocks!

  5. Lovely texture and wonderful use of the plastic canvas. Beautiful tribute!

  6. Aww, love the wonderful photos of your beloved doggie. Bet it felt nice to remember him so lovingly.

    Fabulous, awesome creation, Lara dear! And thanks for the inspiration of painting the plastic canvas! Awesome!

  7. what sort of glue did you use? great layout.

  8. OH MY WORD that is the cutest layout…and puppy!

  9. That is beautiful! I really love how you used the canvas piece as a full layer; looks really funky!

  10. […] And finally a macro of a layout I did about my recently deceased dog (for full post click here): […]

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