Collage a scene

So been playing around with the Wholey Sheet Kit and stumbled upon the idea of collaging a scene.

The coffee filter from the kit became a bloody, gory moon thanks to some stamped words using Versafine ink, then sprayed with ink refill and Walnut Ink in small spritzer bottles.

The lovely alien-like butterfly lady is a cut-out from an advertising brochure that I cut out and colored in with markers and pens. The corrugated cardboard from the kit became a butterfly and then wings colored with acrylic paint.

The piece of cardstock I was working on is also part of the same advertising brochure (my personal stash).

The foil and Chinese newspaper that came in the kit became little dot-like stars circled with a white pen.  

At the back, the splotches of acrylic paint was too good to resist. So I collaged another scene.

The hot air balloon was part of a piece of wallpaper from the kit, which I topped off with an orange basket from the plastic sheet also in the kit. The screen and foil in the kit became clouds.

I improvised a tree out of a piece of the sandpaper in the kit, which I doodled on for the detail of the woodgrain. The Chinese newspaper and brown crisscross paper are also part of the kit.

The green foam in the kit became berry bushes thanks to markers.

I was thinking of adding words to this, but I decided just to leave it to the viewer to decide what the scene is really about.

Thanks for looking!




5 Responses

  1. i like the whole piece (front & back), but I especially love the moon & the hot air balloon!

  2. Very cool Moon. I love how it turned out!

  3. I especially love the alien-butterfly-chick!!

  4. I think, the back is wild!
    When I look at the right side, I see a head in the white “sploch”. It looks like a profile. and the colors underneath, look like the robe a monk would wear. So, I see a bald monk enjoying the garden, with the mushroom on the left, watching a hot air balloon fly away.

    Do you think I am strange?

    I love the piece! and the front too!!

  5. Very cool and oh so creative! They are both awesome!

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