We are a family… Gauche Girls to be announced soon!

By Amy Wing, Gauche Poo-bah

****pssst….. DON’T MISS NICOLE’S FANTASTIC POST BELOW – it’s seriously awesome.****

I’m honestly not trying to be such a tease.  Honestly.

We have made the painful design team decisions. It seems of the few calls we’ve done since our inception in late 2008, each one gets harder.  I know we are doing something right when we draw such quality applications, but I tell you, that doesn’t make it any easier to turn away all the talented and dedicated folks we must.  I will freely admit there was much knashing of teeth as we made our final decisions.

All who applied have now been informed of our choices.  All we need to do is make our public announcement and usher in a new age for Gauchites everywhere.  😉

I will give you a hint about why our announcement is going to take a few more days to appear: there are going to be a LOT of changes going on up in here.  We are so blessed to have a varied group of women (no men in our groups yet? sigh…) who are dedicated to making Gauche Alchemy all it can be.  We are trying to get organized, work out everyone’s new and exciting roles, and design even better blog content for y’all.

We will be losing team members, gaining team members, and adding partners.  Gals, it’s gonna be a helluva ride.  🙂


11 Responses

  1. Exciting! I I swear I’m not just sitting on the blog today – I’m supposed to be tidying – now c’mon. Surf, Tidy, Surf, Tidy… Surf… hmmm.. and look busy tidying when someone comes in… that’s more like it 😉

    Very excited to see the new team and all the changes that’ll be happening! Gauchites. I like that word, it sounds like it should be a naughty one!

  2. Gauche Alchemy is that one place that you know there’s always something exciting brewing. Definitely looking forward to the tons of fun and inspiration around the corner! =)

  3. Everybody say OOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
    Wave your hands up in the air!

    I’m excited about all the news.
    If I’m a Gauchite, do I live in Gaucheland, Gaucheville, or Gauchestoria?

  4. Erika,
    Perhaps my cryptic answer should be: all three! 🙂 World domination, remember? 😉

  5. Wowowowowow, I cannot wait for the announcement! Such exciting things all around Gauchetown! 😀

  6. Woot! Isn’t Gauche-ington always a place for thrills?!

  7. Won’t you take me to…. Gauche”E” Town….
    lmao and to think I can actually carry a tune

  8. So Exciting! Can’t wait to see all of the fun and exciting changes – early congrats to those who were chosen! 🙂

  9. Well if the changes involve more pictures like that, I am all for it! Those are some Happy Party Chicks! (at least I think)

  10. WOW lots going on.

  11. I can’t wait to see whose made it!! I’m a newby watcher of ur blog, love mixed media, find it so inspiring – looking forward to seeing the talented bunch you’re sure to have chosen 😀


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